17th June 2019

Reinvesting for smarter, faster services

Peter Gell, Head of Regulatory Services at Peterborough City Council explains why moving to Civica’s cloud software was the best choice for the shared service

Why did you chose Cx Regulatory Services?
Peter Gell: “As one of the fastest growing areas in the country in terms of population, we face the dual challenge of reduced funding and increasing demand on services. We are also under pressure to move to a more agile, web-based way of working for both our employees and residents. The Cx Regulatory Services platform supports our wider digital transformation programme which will help us to overcome current and future challenges. By using the cloud software, we can make efficiency savings to reinvest in smarter, more responsive services.”

Why did you choose Cx for the shared service across Peterborough City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and Rutland County Council? 
PG: “As a shared service we needed an integrated platform to streamline processes across our various functions and support multiple users. Cx includes functionality for Licensing, Community Safety, Trading Standards and Environmental Health among other things, which means we can manage multiple public protection departments across the three councils via one platform.

“The new cloud software will help us build a complete view of services across the three councils, as well as being more intuitive to use, help manage workflow and be more transparent for our residents. It will put us in a much stronger position for the future.”

What were your top three factors when choosing a new Regulatory Services system? 
PG: “Firstly, we wanted to go with a trusted supplier. We need to manage risk carefully and working with a long-standing partner such as Civica gave us the confidence that, even with a new platform, they know what we were aiming to deliver and had an in-depth knowledge of our organisation.

“Secondly, we wanted to bring in new cloud technology to overcome both current and future challenges. This will help with our shared service and future investments, allowing us to expand operationally via the platform, ultimately providing better services for our residents.

“Thirdly, the Cx cloud software will provide a much better user experience for our employees: allowing them to work from home and in the field with much better connectivity and flexibility. This supports our ambitions to be a top employer in the local area and recruit and retain the best talent for the future.”

What outcomes do you expect to achieve using Cx? 
PG: “We see three main areas of improvement. The software will improve efficiency within our working processes with better automation for our public protection teams. This will ease the burden of high volume of licence applications during peak periods and also help us meet legislative demands.

“We’ll also improve our decision making capabilities across the shared service with added reporting functions: this will help our employees make better informed decisions about current and future service provision.

“We also envisage that by providing the best digital services to residents, we’ll improve citizen engagement as they can manage their own licence applications online and see real-time progress updates at a time which suits. Ultimately, Cx Regulatory Services will help us increase service flexibility and standards for our residents across Cambridge, Peterborough and Rutland.”