Jennifer Law

Jennifer Law, Senior Marketing Executive

Jennifer supports the marketing for Civica’s Digital business. She is currently spending lockdown alone in her London flat.

How has your working life changed since the pandemic began?

Though I sometimes work from home it’s entirely different when it’s forced upon you. I’m based from our Southbank office and really thrive on being around people in the buzz of an office so it’s very strange to now be at home. Even down to the basics such as not having a second monitor is something I’ve had to adjust to!

How are you striking a good work-life balance? 

Yoga’s been my go-to for calming me down and helping me de-stress for a while - even more so now as I’ve definitely felt a lot more anxious over the past couple of weeks. It’s great that there are now so many available online classes and live streams, so that’s a big help! I’m also not too hard on myself with the hours I work; I’ll take a slightly longer lunch to enjoy my daily walk, and log off a bit earlier if I’m feeling overwhelmed and need to chat with family or friends.

What is the biggest challenge for you right now?

Not being around people. Generally, I do enjoy my own company but I’m a very sociable person. My flatmate is isolating at their partner’s house, so I find the lack of company quite strange to wrap my head around.

How is Civica supporting you?

I feel very grateful to be working for Civica – even more so now. In Marketing we’re in constant contact via email and on chat, sending each other funny news and updates throughout the week. We’ve also recently launched a virtual Friday afternoon video call which adds a bit of fun to round off the week. We really are a company that cares for one another and that’s been really comforting to see.

What are the upsides to your new working life?

Not commuting means I get a bit more of a lie in! I can also have my music on in the flat when I’m working without worrying I’m distracting anybody. I’d say the main upside of all this is it’s made me really appreciative and grateful that we can still work and we’ve the support of our colleagues across Civica.

What advice do you have for others who may be in the same or similar situation to you?

Communicate – even if it’s to friends and family. If you feel overwhelmed or low, take time. Your work will still be there in an hour or two. Keep to a routine – try to get up at the same time every day and set up your home office outside so you have a dedicated space to work.

What are your top tips for socialising and relaxing outside of work right now?

Set up time to have virtual drinks with your friends just like you’d do during the week! FaceTime and WhatsApp have voice/video calling which has been such a saviour. There are also so many live streams for exercise, meditation, games etc. that you can join. At the same time, it’s important to get away from technology in times like these. I’m personally avoiding the news as much as I can, only checking a couple of times a day for key updates. Why not try painting/crafts?

Any final thoughts?

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or are struggling with the adjustment, any Civica colleague can reach out to me or any other Mental Health Champion for a fully confidential chat.