Wireless Nurse Call System for Senior Care

Smart nurse call system with real-time location tracking and robust wander management

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Helping senior care teams improve resident safety and care with the power of real-time location tracking

RTLS In Motion helps senior care providers to improve resident safety, increase staff performance, and turn your senior care campus into a smart campus.

High precision location tracking down to room level enables staff to instantly find any resident and provide timely care. Device status and location is updated every three seconds, for a real-time view of residents.

Ergonomic resident, staff, and equipment pendants, that transmit their location, automatically track and log the location history of each resident, staff member and piece of equipment. When a resident needs help, they just press the button on their pendant and a staff member can attend their exact location. A button press sends an instant alert directly to the care team’s mobile devices and nurse stations, including details of who requested help, where they are located, and the time of a call.

Our smart wireless nurse call system uses modern technology that outperforms traditional hard-wired nurse call systems.

RTLS In Motion software is available in English and French.

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Why choose RTLS in Motion for senior care?

Locate your resident population to ensure their safety and well-being.

Integrated wander management protects your most vulnerable residents.

Personal pendants provide nurse call and staff duress to keep your residents and staff safe.

Improve safety and maximize efficiency with RTLS In Motion for senior care

RTLS In Motion for senior care - Features

Life safety

Provide a safer environment for residents and staff. Wireless nurse call pendants provide residents with access to help from anywhere on campus. When an alert is triggered, staff receive a notification with who called for help, and their exact location on campus. Staff members can use their staff cards to request assistance in a potentially harmful scenario or to escalate an emergency situation. Full campus visibility allows staff to proactively react to situations.

Wander management and elopement control

Prevent and control resident wandering and elopement. Real-time location tracking provides smart alerts, allowing staff to intervene before accidents can happen. Smart sensors on exit doors and elevators prevent residents from leaving the safety of staff monitored areas. Resident wandering alerting helps keep wander prone residents safer by notifying staff when residents are approaching stairs, exits or off limit areas.

Mobile alerting

With apps for iOS and android, your care team can receive alerts and search for residents and equipment wherever they are. Enabling staff to be more productive, improving safety and complying with the latest legislation. Our wireless nurse call system integrates with a range of communication devices such as VOIP, pagers, text and emails to deliver alerts immediately to the care team.

Reporting and analytics

Track, analyze and report on operational metrics to improve safety, save money and implement continuous improvement programs. Criteria-driven reporting can segment data to focus on individual residents or staff members, types of residents (independent, assisted, memory care), periods of time or areas of the building. Common reports include staff response time, location history, room activity, resident proximity, and alert summaries.

Understand the true cost of care with our level of care report. Monitor the health demands of the resident, staff workload and calculate the overall cost of resident care.

Infection Control

Reduce the risk of spreading infection in your facility. From monitoring contact tracing, isolation rules, to ensuring social distancing is being followed, RTLS in Motion ensures the health and wellbeing of your residents. Better understand the start and spread of infection in the Community, and monitor interacted people for symptoms and quarantine certain areas.

Custom hardware solutions
  • Resident and staff wearables – provide residents and staff instant access to help
  • Pull cord stations with wireless connectivity – increase campus safety
  • Check-in stations – improved resident safety without invading privacy and space
  • Temperature monitoring of food and medication fridges to prevent spoilage
  • Equipment tracking – automated tracking of equipment usage and location
  • Corridor lights – provide a visual aid for staff
  • Door and elevator guardian – automatically prevents residents wandering
  • Pressure sensors – provides smart alerts to staff
  • Door and window contacts – provides alerts when doors or windows are opened.

Debi Bourque,

Executive Director - The Wauklehegan Manor

After doing a thorough review of available systems, it was clear that Momentum RTLS In Motion provided unmatched functionality over and above typical nurse call functions.

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