Wireless Nurse Call System for Hospitals

Real-time location tracking for your smart hospital

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Helping hospitals improve patient experience with the power of real-time location tracking

Momentum RTLS In Motion for hospitals provides real-time visibility of the movement and management of patients, staff and medical equipment. A real-time location sensory network is installed, and RTLS tags are tracked automatically. Momentum RTLS in Motion captures the data, and provides immediate alerts, operational insights, and valuable reporting and dashboards to improve the patient experience.

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Why choose RTLS in Motion – hospital care

Find equipment efficiently and monitor utilization rates for smarter purchase and rental decisions.

Promote a safer environment with wireless staff duress and patient wandering controls.

Reduce the spread of infection with hand hygiene compliance and automatic contact tracing.

RTLS In Motion for hospital care features

Patient location

Improve the patient experience with visibility of real-time location of patients. As patients move through the open, communal environment of behavioral health units, insight into each patient’s location can be used to improve both patient safety and quality of care.

Promote patient safety by preventing at-risk or behavioral health patient wandering with immediate alerting when wandering events occur. With integration to access control doors, you can prevent exit-seeking behaviors and prevent elopement. If an at-risk patient is sensed in an elevator, the elevator will be disabled and unable to leave the floor.

Visibility of patient and staff workflows from RTLS sensing technology can be used by hospitals to improve patient flow, increase access and create better staff and patient experiences.

Asset tracking

Improve efficiency by quickly locating your mobile medical equipment. Access the location of commonly used equipment (IV pumps, crash carts, blood pressure machines) from the nurses’ station computer or your mobile. Measure the utilization of assets across your facility. Re-distribute assets to departments where they are needed, make optimal purchase/lease decisions, and ensure that items available in storage closets are visible to staff when they are needed.

RTLS in Motion streamlines operations by ensuring current Periodic Asset Replenishment (PAR) tracked equipment is within desired ranges. Alert staff when minimum asset levels are triggered for specific departments, so equipment can be retrieved and available when it is needed by your patients.

Staff tracking and duress

Just as patient safety is a top priority, clinical staff safety and protection are also at the forefront of hospitals’ concerns. A cost-effective panic alert system that prevents threats from escalating into a dangerous situation is becoming an essential tool with an increased risk of work-related aggravated incidents. Our wireless staff duress system uses staff badges equipped with wireless call functionality that discreetly summon help via the RTLS network with the precise location of the request.

Temperature monitoring

Automate monitoring of temperature-sensitive units such as refrigerators, freezers or warming cabinets. RTLS temperature tags automatically collect temperature, humidity and CO2 readings. Staff are notified of any abnormalities in readings so corrective action can be taken immediately, preventing loss of critical inventory. All information is logged to aid in compliance audits.

Hand hygiene compliance

The role of hand hygiene in reducing unnecessary infections to enhance patient safety has resulted in hospitals and medical centers implementing guidelines to improve hand-washing standards.

Momentum RTLS In Motion monitors healthcare staff entering and exiting every room. Upon entering and immediately before exiting, the system will be expecting the hand hygiene sensor to be activated, signalling a hand hygiene event. The hand hygiene opportunity and adherence event are then recorded in the software, along with the staff members name and role. If enabled, a gentle reminder from the staff member’s RTLS-enabled badge will occur when a hand hygiene opportunity is missed to help break the chain of infection.

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