Civica Canada earns unique data distinction

21st August 2023

Civica Canada has earned the unique distinction of being the sole software provider to be able to provide all the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)’s interRAI assessments.

For healthcare providers and their clients, this means that Civica can now offer:

  • A one-stop solution for all three CIHI assessments - Home Care, Long-Term Care Facilities, and Contact Assessment
  • Unified data capture and submission
  • Consistent user experience and training
  • Enhanced policy development through standardised outcomes scales


What are the CIHI RAI assessments?

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) develops standards and specifications to support the collection of data and its submission to them. Licences are extended to health information software providers to access and use this information to develop computer software products that support data collection and submission.

All health information software providers are required to test any software product they have developed for submitting data through IRRS to ensure that it meets CIHI’s requirements, standards, and specifications prior to live data submission.

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