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Improve care delivery with digital health record

Momentum EHR (electronic health record) cloud software supports the delivery of high quality and personalized care. Allowing your care team to easily manage, assess, monitor, plan and document client care. Enabling better informed care decisions based on up to date, comprehensive client health information.

Widely used by national and regional health authorities and provincial/state governments, Momentum EHR is designed to support residential care campuses, home and community care, mental health and addictions and public health programs.

Momentum EHR is available in both English and French.

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Why choose Momentum EHR?

Improve quality of care through a single view of client health data

Access client health data in the community at the point of care with mobile app

Interoperable with healthcare assessment management for more holistic approach to care

Software for your care sector

Residential Care

Momentum EHR supports care teams deliver and document short or long term care in a staffed facility or campus. Specializing in care delivery for programs such as aged care, developmental disabilities, mental health and addiction, palliative care, brain injury and strokes. Features such as the Information Recap Dashboard, speeds up shift changes by allowing staff to quickly see all events that occurred in the previous shift. With our Form Builder, care teams can create their own assessment forms with user defined questionnaires.

Features include: resident management and indexing; clinical history; interRAI assessments; care planning; wound management; health tracking and progress notes (weight, blood pressure, etc); eMAR integration and eDocs/files attachment.

Home & Community Care

Momentum EHR promotes successful community living. Designed for government agencies, programs, and organizations that provide health care services to clients at home in the community. Supporting your care team's ability to deliver and document care. Users can check-out client files for offline access when caring for clients in the community.

Features include: case/client management; client indexing; clinical history; interRAI assessments; treatment and visit planning; service planning; progress notes; physician order and medication tracking; eDoc attachment; patient and environment analysis and easy reporting.

Mental Health & Addiction Care

Momentum EHR supports agencies and organizations that provide mental health and addiction services to clients in the community. Helping to track client health, treatment plans and progress.

Features include: client management; client indexing; client registration; addiction care; suicidal behaviour care; patient analysis; incident management; treatment and visit planning; ad-hoc reporting; letter generation and eMAR integration.

Public health programs

Momentum EHR is highly flexible and supports the delivery of public health programs such as Healthy Parenting & Early Childhood Development.

Functionality includes: patient registration; patient indexing; clinical history; census activity; interRAI assessments; patient monitoring; wound management; patient analysis; and eDoc attachment.

LPN, Excel Society

Since making the switch to Momentum EHR, updates on client profiles are easier than ever before. Access to each client’s data is at our fingertips. This in turn results in more e­ffective and e­fficient care for our residents.

Helping Excel Society support people with disabilities

Managing the collection and sharing of resident information to the front line care team

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