Cx Housing Enforcement Software

Manage housing enforcement remotely

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Access information, manage issues and respond to residents quickly with Cx Housing Enforcement

Working remotely means your team can respond to issues quickly and effectively. In the cloud, our Cx Housing Enforcement software gives staff access to the latest information. It helps them manage enforcement issues more effectively. And it lets them respond to enquiries, complaints or service requests anytime, anywhere.

It’s ideal for dealing with issues from Houses in Multiple Occupation licensing, private rented property complaints, and enforcement of housing standards. The system allows you to quickly capture data and prioritise complaints. It then automatically allocates cases so your team can quickly reach an outcome.

As well as maintaining service level agreements, Cx Housing Enforcement ensures your team will feel confident they’ve delivered the right outcomes.

Why choose Cx Housing Enforcement software

Automate communications, standard returns and case allocation to save staff time

Respond to issues quickly with fast data capture and remote access

Communicate with residents using their preferred method

Automated processes free up staff to work on resolving issues. You’ll find it easier to deliver outcomes on time and maintain service level agreements. At the same time, you could reduce risk by capturing and calculating risk inspections through the system.

Your team will find it easy to triage complaints to solve urgent issues quickly. Alongside new communication tools, this means a better experience for residents.

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