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An automated pensions management solution which saves you time and money, provides better outcomes and makes the member’s journey easy.

We’re 100% committed and involved with the Pensions Dashboard Programme. We’re excited for our Spring 2022 plans, as we actively progress these with the Pensions Dashboard Programme and our data partner, Intellica.

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Our cloud optimised pensions management software:

  • Provides cutting-edge process automation, reducing administration costs and improving data quality
  • Drives self-service creating the most advanced digital transformation through our custom-built ‘Member Online’ and ‘Employer Online’ portals
  • Leverage powerful integration with leading industry solutions, providing bank validation, identity, and document verification, as well as innovative contact solution.


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Did you know our flexible UPM services also include a Pensions Payroll Service? Our secure processes deliver the payroll service using your existing UPM system, ensuring that your team still sees the status of payroll reports and transactions at any time.

Pensions Payroll Service



The new Civica UPM platform will give us all the tools to provide a much-improved service to our members, employers and stakeholders such as the Local Pension Board. The platform will help future-proof our digital systems and we will also benefit from longer-term cost savings of around 40% in cloud deployment and support."

Peter Hughes, Deputy Pensions Manager, Southwark Council

Civica’s scale and experience means we can work together in the future on exciting technologies such as biometrics to build an even stronger digital platform for our pensions administration service in the future."

Joanne Darbyshire, Managing Director, LPPA

More than 100 schemes with over

of funds invested


members delivering a unique, process-driven solution


local government pension schemes achieve the lowest cost of ‘per-member administration’ from our UPM solution

Industry Voice: Protecting against cyber crime

Chris Jones, Managing Director, Civica Pensions

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Chris Jones, Managing Director, Civica Pensions

Secure ID & Verification

The risk of fraudulent activity, associated costs and reputational damage are among the many challenges faced by pension funds.

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Secure ID & Verification

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Creating the digital service of tomorrow

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