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Cloud, interoperable healthcare assessments to better serve clients

Momentum assessment management software (AMS) allows healthcare providers to easily manage and administer healthcare assessments, enhancing the decision making and care planning ability of healthcare practitioners.

Momentum AMS is compatible with virtually every healthcare assessment in use today. We can even accommodate custom and niche assessments to suit the needs of your organization and clients. We work successfully with customers across regional, provincial, and national healthcare sectors.

Whether you have a particular assessment in mind, or are looking for a new assessment, we have a solution for you!

Why choose Momentum AMS?

Understand client demographic and resource requirements through real-time data analytics

Easily communicate with your enterprise, specific to disciplines, organizations or staff

Extend your reach in the community with mobile and offline assessments

Better organize your data with one central database

With a centralized database, all assessment and client data is stored in one location. Our cloud software delivered as a web-based application allows multiple users to collaborate on client files, access client data from any location with an internet connection, and can even check-out files for offline use.

With Momentum AMS, client data is organically organized via Momentum's application structure and best practices. Staff can easily view each client's completed and outstanding assessments, and run customized reports on each client. The days of managing, organizing, and misplacing paper copies are gone.

Our interoperable framework allows for integration with other applications. This allows authorized users to share structured and summary assessment data, through your existing software infrastructure.

Easily administer assessments

Increase staff efficiency by removing barriers from their daily tasks. Momentum AMS streamlines the assessment process making it easier for staff to administer, score, and track any standardized assessment. With added mobility, staff can even use Momentum AMS on tablets and laptops in the community to better extend your program's reach.

Momentum AMS is available in both English and French.

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Improve care with Momentum AMS

Our popular assessments

interRAI integrated suite of assessments

interRAI integrated suite of assessments identify the needs of individuals with illness or disabilities through specific assessment instruments. interRAI instruments are built on a core set of assessment criteria that are important in all care settings. The common items are assessed the same, regardless of the assessment application. Additional assessment criteria are then added to the common items and are specific to a particular illness, disability, or care setting.

We provide inteRAI assessments for primary care, acute care, mental health, home & community care, long term care, child and youth, quality of life, self-administered, developmental disabilities, wellness, palliative care and care giver assessments.

Our popular interRAI assessments include :

interRAI Acute Care – Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment system interRAI Acute Care assessment system interRAI Brief Mental Health Screener
interRAI Child & Youth Mental Health assessment system interRAI Child & Youth Mental Health Developmental Disabilities assessment system interRAI Community Health Assessment system
interRAI Community Mental Health assessment system interRAI Contact Assessment interRAI Emergency Department Contact Assessment
interRAI Emergency Psychiatric Screener interRAI Family & Caregiver Needs Assessment interRAI Home Care assessment system
interRAI Intellectual Disability assessment system interRAI Long Term Care Facility assessment system interRAI Mental Health (Inpatient) assessment system
interRAI Palliative Care assessment system interRAI Pediatric Home Care assessment system interRAI Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation assessment system
interRAI Preliminary Screener interRAI Quality of Life Surveys interRAI Wellness
Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS)

The Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) is a healthcare assessment tool with numerous benefits for both clinical practice and patient flow. The CALOCUS and LOCUS involves a clinician’s assessment through a screening interview of a client’s mental health and/or addiction need, across six dimensions of assessment. The dimensions cover risk, functioning, co-morbidity, stress, support, treatment history and engagement. Once scored, the CALOCUS and LOCUS provide an accurate recommendation for the level of care a client should receive, by outlining the frequency and intensity of treatments/sessions. The level of care recommendations produced are aligned with clinical pathways and best practice guidelines.

This common understanding of needs can also be used to provide a client with multiple services to choose from based on their current level of care recommendation

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