Achieve meaningful engagement and help increase voter turnout, with our digital democracy platform.

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Increase voter participation and reduce costs, with our secure cloud voting platform. 

To achieve meaningful engagement and strong turnout from your electorate, you need to build and maintain democratic dialogue year-round. Digital transformation provides a great opportunity for you to involve stakeholders in your democratic processes, while also supporting wider commitments to reduce environmental impact and lower spend.

We understand electorates vary. We designed CESvotes, our core online voting solution, to work in tandem with other voting methods including postal, telephone and text message (SMS) voting. This ensures accessibility for all your voters and helps maximise turnout.

Secure, robust technology is the cornerstone of our products. We continuously monitor, maintain and update our software to meet the highest security standards. Our election experts work with you to achieve the best approach and outcomes for your specific project.

Considering a hybrid or virtual AGM? CESjoinIN connects people to your events with online video, Q&A and voting.

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Why choose Digital Democracy

Reduces costs as part of a wider digital strategy

Increases voter participation

Real-time voter insights, helping to inform engagement strategies

CESvotes supports your organisation’s needs throughout the election period, is configurable to your specific project and supports client branding. We work across various sector and project types, ensuring a smooth voter journey and positive user experience for every project we deliver.  

Core features of CESvotes:  

  • Vote – secure vote capture 
  • Platform - fully branded website which evolves throughout your election 
  • Nominate – captures candidate applications to stand
  • Video – recorded, animated and streamed video services 
  • eLearning – supports and educates potential and successful election candidates 
  • Dashboard - powerful election insights to help understand and increase engagement 
  • Voter Profiling – research into voters and non-voters for deeper insight into your electorate’s engagement, including advice on improving participation. 

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Southern Co-operative

The new electronic voting platform prompted a huge increase in member engagement online. It was reliable, user-friendly and the whole election experience was fully branded; from initial email to reminder emails and the platform. Overall it was a more interesting and engaging process.

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