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Tackle unfair trading and protect your community

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Manage records and simplify invoicing with Cx Trading Standards

Protecting vulnerable customers and supporting your community can be difficult when admin and paperwork is getting in the way. Cx Trading Standards software helps your team manage their day-to-day workload so they can concentrate on tackling unfair trading.

Manage business referrals and notifications. Take care of invoices and budgeting. Set up alerts to prompt precautions. The cloud software frees up staff time – time which is better spent on revenue generating activities like business advice.

You’ll have a complete overview of records associated to each case: referrals, notifications, registrations, approvals, memberships, and business information. And with customisable alerts based on severity, you can prepare your officers and keep everyone safe.

Why choose Cx Trading Standards software

Free up time to increase revenue generation

Support local practices and meet legislative requirements

Simplify reporting and budgeting

Straightforward invoicing, budgeting and reporting gives you better control over your cases.

You won’t just free up staff time – you’ll have a fully mobilised workforce that’s more productive than ever. In turn, they’ll increase customer satisfaction and deliver better results for your community.

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