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Process management and customer engagement with Cx Housing Assistance

Your team are capable and intelligent. But are their tools and processes letting them down? The right software can help you make informed decisions and be confident you’re achieving the best possible outcomes.

Our Cx Housing Assistance software simplifies your team’s workload and guides them to reach outcomes through the most appropriate route. The cloud software offers process management capabilities for private housing organisations, allowing you to assess eligibility more effectively. It’s great for customers too. You can connect with residents in whichever way works best for them.

Define annual budgets and track costs to keep on top of your finances. Other metrics and analytics tools help you identify areas to improve. And, with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you’ll find staff are quick to see the benefits – meaning better data and better decisions from the start.

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The real value of this new partnership is people will be able to access the services they need quickly and easily – helping them live independently at home. The new platform will help the HEART partnership deliver improved services both now and in the future, while streamlining our processes and workflow through better integration and automation.

Why choose Cx Housing Assistance software

Speed up applications to reduce waiting times

Automate administration and make data entry easier

Prioritise tasks to reach outcomes faster

Putting more efficient digital processes in place with Cx Housing Assistance will reduce your team’s workload while improving engagement with your customers.

Faster application processing increases your efficiency. Your team won’t sacrifice accuracy though – data entry will be easier and more effective. You’ll be able to free up staff time to concentrate on reaching outcomes and achieving strategic goals.

As well as more confident staff and more accurate reporting, you can achieve better results for customers. Reduced waiting times make for an improved customer experience. And effective communication tools mean increased engagement with residents.

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