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Easy and secure expense management for your people

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Expense management software for fast and accurate employee expenses

Civica Expenses makes expense management easy. Your employees can submit expense claims and capture receipts in real-time.

Expenses on the move: the Civica Expenses app empowers your employees to enter and submit expense claims anytime, anywhere. The expenses management app also allows managers to approve expense claims, speeding up the approvals process.

Streamline receipt management: prevent lost receipts with our digital snap and store app functionality. Reduce manual entry with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which populates receipt values automatically.

Accurate mileage claims: save employees time by recording journeys automatically using built in GPS on our app.

Support sustainability: carbon calculator helps support your sustainability commitments, such as Net Zero, by track carbon emissions related to business travel on every claim.

Our expense software manages your expenses, so you can focus on taking care of your people.

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Why choose Civica Expenses?

Property assets and capital projects Simplify expense claims and approvals

Property assets and capital projects See all data, trends and insights in one place

Property assets and capital projects Improve accuracy of business expense costs

Expense management software that’s made for you

Access anytime, anywhere

Empower your mobile workforce to enter, approve and report expenses via our app.

Keeping your data safe

We understand the importance of keeping your data secure. We have robust security systems in place to keep your data safe at all times.

Streamline receipt management

Prevent lost receipts with our digital snap and store app functionality. Manual inputs are also reduced with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to populate receipt values automatically. Civica’s receipt compliance team can also ensure that all receipt values match their claim lines, leading to higher productivity, increased claimant success and enforcement of your expense policy.

Increase transparency

Claimant and manager approval notifications delivered at each stage of the claim, delivering transparency for all parties.

Better financial analysis

Get a comprehensive view of your expenditure with over 100 reports and charts to help you spot trends and plan for your future.

Improve visibility

Civica Expenses integrates with all key organisational systems including HR, Payroll, ERP and ESR (NHS) and more. Our expenses management software is Single Sign On compatible making logins pain-free.

Meet duty of care with driver checks

Automatically check driving licence, vehicle tax and MOT details with the Civica Driver Management module to improve risk management and ensure you fulfil your duty of care to employees.

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Tailor Civica Expenses to suit you

Reduce administration time for employees completing expenses claims with custom fields and sequencing tailored to your requirements.

Tomasz Nikiel,

Finance Director,


With Civica Expenses there is no need to keep paper copies, no lost receipts, all information available online, which allows quick efficient processing.

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Expense management software FAQs

What is expense management software?

Expense management software helps employees to submit their business expenses and capture receipts. Managers use the software to validate and approve claims and track expense claims in real-time.

What are the benefits of using expense management software?

An online expense management system simplifies the expense claim and approval process. It helps companies see all data and insight relating to business expense costs in one place. Through automation and validation, expense systems improve the accuracy of expense claims. Expense management software in the UK can support sustainability by tracking carbon emissions related to business travel.

Who uses Civica Expenses?

Our expense management software is used by HR, finance and payroll teams across public and private sectors. Civica Expenses has been helping its customers deliver fast and accurate expense management in the UK for 25 years.

What are the key features of expense management software?
  • Expense claim app – allows employees to enter and submit expense claims anytime, anywhere. Managers can approve expense claims, speeding up approval time.
  • Receipt management – digital snap and store function via the app prevents lost receipts and reduces manual entry.
  • GPS integration – records business mileage automatically to save time. 
  • Carbon calculator – supports your sustainability commitments, by tracking carbon emissions related to business travel.

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