Analysis and reporting

Understanding the Stakes

Compliance with regulatory requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requires a strict adherence to internal processes. Management at all levels must have access to comprehensive progress monitoring in order to ensure that required GDPR timeframes for customer communications are followed. Civica with 20+ years in the case management sector, is dedicated to helping organisations directly address their GDPR compliance requirements. At the vanguard of this effort is our Case Management platform, a software solution that is designed to effectively handle all aspects of GDPR case management. From meticulous audit records to customer right request workflows, the Case Management Platform facilitates comprehensive compliance for your organisation across the entire gamut of GDPR regulations.

The Information you Need

Civica's Case Management platform provides a wide variety of tools designed to empower your organisation to effectively address an array of analytical requirements. The platform supports common reporting pain points found in large-scale organisations: Immediate access to relevant data, the flexibility to create reports quickly & easily and the need to access to meaningful pre-built reports. We have built our analysis & reporting feature set around these three business needs via the use of dashboards, ad-hoc reporting capability and a robust report library.


Dashboards display critical case and status data with interactive features designed to add meaning to performance metrics. At-a-glance, users can view not only how many overdue cases exist, but how they are allotted between GDPR right requests along with the caseworker responsible for their ultimate resolution. In this example, open cases are visualised via a pie chart and table. Values that represent a potential GDPR regulatory risk (e.g., not resolved with a permitted time-frame) are highlighted in red along with the caseworker responsible for them. Management can even look ahead to see cases due in the near future.

Advanced Reporting

For an expanded insight into your datasets, Civica's Case Management platform includes a robust reporting capability that features a high degree of configurability coupled with tools that facilitate insightful trend analysis. A wide variety of report types are available for selection, such as pivot tables, detailed reports and multiple chart types (pie, bar, line, stacked area and dial charts). The system also includes a comprehensive selection of defined queries that can explore multiple facets of your cases, such as rectification actions, GDPR rights related actions, time spent on cases, tasks, correspondence and administration related queries.

Developed over the course of many years—and tailored specifically to the regulatory expectations of GDPR—the platform’s analysis & reporting feature set offers organisations the flexibility they need to create insightful & meaningful reports in formats conducive to trend analysis.

Report Library

The Case Management platform’s Report Library is a comprehensive collection of pre-configured reports that users can automatically receive based on your own customised schedule. For example, managers could receive a quarterly report conveying the top 10 subject access request classifications or a weekly report displaying employee performance in terms of resolving disclosure requests. By automating the creation and distribution of pre-configured reports, the Report Library presents an opportunity for transparency across your organisation. Both senior management and team leaders can benefit from sharing information about performance, outcomes and the quantity of requests received based on type. The sharing of such reports facilitates performance improvement while assisting in the discovery of potential bottlenecks. In addition to GDPR-related reports, the Report Library also includes a variety of case management reports, such as Long Running Cases. Overdue Cases and Unassigned Cases.

Remaining Compliant

To ensure compliance with new GDPR regulations, organisations must ensure that individual’s requests—such as access and erasure requests—are addressed within a specific period of time. This means that management needs immediate access to analysis tools, such as Dashboards and Reports, that can provide a current performance snapshot as well as display cases that are exceeding their expected resolution time-frame.

Civica's Case Management platform has all of these features as well as a robust alert & notification system designed to stop issues before they turn into problems. Threshold alerts can be set against resolution deadlines and, when triggered, the system can automatically alert all relevant parties. In the event that a case’s workflow and/or resolution needs to be examined more closely, the system also features a complete audit trail and timeline. Every single action taken on a case is auto-saved to the system, effectively providing an in-depth view into exactly how a given case was worked on from beginning to end. The audit trail presents events from a specific case and is based on user actions while our timeline feature displays a visualisation of all events in chronological order.