Analysis Reporting and Dashboard

We can help you identify areas most likely to cause dissatisfaction with automated delivery of library and custom reports and real-time keyword alerts that put the information you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

Improvement through Insight

Of course this is only start; comprehensive analytics uses using data to identify existing and potential issues before they mature into full-fledged problems. It also has the capacity to deliver results across other spectrums of your enterprise, such as SLA compliance, regulatory compliance, trend insights and employee performance.

Civica Complaints Management takes analysis to the next level by enabling your organisation to report critical data across a wide variety of case operations via pre-built reports and on-the-fly ad-hoc reporting.

  • Report Library - provides immediate access to high-value reports catered to specific audiences within your organisation. Immediately gain insight into exactly how your case management processes are performing.
  • Automated Report Delivery - Automate report distribution by ensuring that key members of your organisation, such as Sr. Management and Team Leaders, receive the reports they need based on the report’s specified periodicity (e.g., monthly, quarterly, weekly, etc.).
  • Specifying Output – Reports can be delivered in variety of supported output formats, including: PDF, Excel (formatted | unformatted), HTML (with or without charts), Rich Text, Microsoft Word (with or without charts), CSV and XML.
  • Report Building - The report creation tool is a highly intuitive, easy-to-use solution for non-technical users. A step-by-step wizard interface guides users through the report creation process.
  • Drill-down – Reports can include drill-down functionality for specific reporting needs and investigation. For example, users may be able to drill-down into case details to view specific information about any given case — they can then opt to export those details into a spreadsheet or even plot all cases on a map.
  • Dashboards - Civica Complaints Management provides management at all levels with the tools they need to quickly discern trends, insights, performance metrics and other operational data vital to the decision-making process. These tools are encapsulated in the Civica Complaints Management Dashboard, an interface that visually conveys data that is both meaningful & relevant.
  • Notifications - In addition to dashboards, Civica Complaints Management keeps users aware of critical information via a configurable issue alert system. Civica Complaints Management continuously monitors complaint issue statistics and will automatically alert you when an issue spikes (either upward or downward). In addition, alerts can be triggered by one or more keywords — keyword alerts are quite useful in situations when specific information is being monitored.
  • Integrations – The platform is built to seamlessly integrate with a variety of technologies, all of which are designed to improve usability while bolstering user buy-in and acceptance. This includes: Office productivity suites, BI Tools, Dynamics, Data Warehouse Exports and cloud tools such as AWS Redshift.

If you would like to find out more about Civica Complaints Management for your organisation, contact us.