Cracking the machine learning matrix

Can we use machine learning to deliver real benefits responsibly?

Working with the University of Bath’s ART-AI Centre, we entered the machine learning matrix in Perspectives* vol 3. A topic not without its controversy, how can we better use it to deliver real change responsibly?

Re-watch and re-engage as leaders joined us at Perspectives* Live to crack the machine learning matrix for public services across three sessions:

1. Enter the matrix – we explore the opportunities presented by machine learning and its potential to drive positive change

  • Timandra Harkness (Author of ‘Big Data’, science writer and co-host of Radio 4’s ‘FutureProofing’)
  • Giuseppe Sollazzo (Deputy Director, Head of AI Skunkworks & Deployment, NHS AI Lab, NHSX)

2. Revelations - looking to the future, our handpicked global innovative start-ups inspire you about where the tech could go

  • Dr Arun Arumugam (Head of Sales, Astrosat)
  • Priya Prakash (Founder, Design for Social Change)
  • Geoff McGimpsey (Head of Marketing, Analytics Engines)

3. Reloaded - bringing all the elements together, our expert panel share insights and practical advice on how to maximise machine learning’s value

  • Chair: Helen Olsen Bedford (UKAuthority)
  • Panel: Eamonn O’Neill (Director ART-AI Centre, University of Bath), Patrick Dawson (CIO, Paradigm Housing), Harold de Neef (Group Director - Cloud and Innovation, Civica) and Dan Sandhu (CEO, Sparx Learning)


Perspectives* Live: Cracking the machine learning matrix

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3, we reload machine learning to help crack the matrix and deliver more value for public services
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Machine learning reloaded