Tesco Bank puts customers' complaints at the front of the queue

5th September 2022

Tesco Bank puts customers at the forefront of its complaint-handling strategy

Tesco Bank, provides banking, insurance and money services solutions to more than 5 million customers.

Tesco Bank are committed to complying with the FCA ‘Consumer Duty’ requirements, taking the continuous improvement approach to complaint-handling. This resulted in May 2022 delivering a record ‘Average Days to Resolve’ result of only 5.6 days – a 21% Year-on-Year improvement.

Read the case study to discover how Civica Complaints Management was integral in helping Tesco Bank achieve such industry-leading results, and identify opportunities to improve customer propositions.

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Key outcomes:

21% YoY reduction in ‘Average Days to Resolve’ complaints

Reduce complaint handling to under 3 hours (currently 2.7)

15 fold improvement in FCA reporting

Tony Murphy,

Customer Outcomes Manager,

Tesco Bank

Beyond helping us provide a better complaint handling service, we use complaint data to identify opportunities to improve customer propositions. The insights are so rich and easy to use; we've never had data like this before.