A foundational step in Rochdale Borough Council's cloud migration strategy

23rd June 2021

Performance improvements, streamlined support and increased confidence with Civica's cloud financial software

As one of the first councils to migrate to Civica's cloud financial software, Rochdale was prepared to work collaboratively with Civica and pave the way for other councils to make the transition.

For users, the migration was transparent: they didn't need any training, and the only change was a new link for accessing the solution. "Given that we have around 800 users, no training overhead was a key advantage," says Mark. The systems admin team also switched to Civica Financials in the cloud, as it provides all the additional features of the previous 'thick client' solution.

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Mark Barrett,

Senior Accountant at Rochdale Borough Council.

Although our main priority was to assure performance and business continuity, we identified £30,000 of value from the migration by saving £20,000 on servers, up to £7,000 on IT support time, and the rest through efficiency gains.