Briggs Marine embark on compliance and employee development

16th November 2021

Briggs Marine embark on compliance and employee development voyage with Civica Learning

Briggs Marine wanted a modern digital learning platform to provide targeted regulatory, health and safety, and marine-specific eLearning programmes.

The challenge

Briggs Marine is a trusted provider of services to the marine and environmental industries, including vessel charter, aids to navigation and mooring services, diving and training.

Previously, with training DVDs distributed to employees and records maintained on spreadsheets, training delivery, compliance and management was time-consuming and difficult to manage.

Briggs Marine needed a modern and attractive digital learning platform. It was essential that any solution would be easy for learners to use and would provide robust user management and analytics, to power compliance and employee development.

The solution

Andy Robertson, Training and Competence Manager, at Briggs Marine said, “When evaluating potential learning platforms and talking to different providers, what set Civica apart was their experience in supporting organisations across the marine sector, and their ability to meet our needs, both from a technology and support perspective.”

The selection of Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) was the beginning of a new learning journey for Briggs Marine.

With its ease-of-use for both learners and administrators, Civica Learning has enabled Briggs Marine to host and deliver a wide range of digital learning resources, including internally created eLearning courses and supporting resources, to its 600 learners and groups across the organisation.

Briggs Logo

Andy Robertson,

Training and Competence Manager,

Briggs Marine

We work in highly-regulated industries, with a key focus on compliance. Civica Learning has provided us with a powerful learning platform to deliver our range of eLearning programmes and effective training to our employees - helping to ensure compliance requirements are achieved and maintained.

“The majority of our employees aren’t in an office environment with regular access to PCs or laptops. It’s therefore vitally important that our learning platform is easy for our employees to use, enabling them to quickly, without many clicks, find and do their required training,” said Andy Robertson.

The result

‘Voyage’ is Briggs Marine’s own branded implementation of Civica Learning. It has created a cultural change in the way training is viewed across the organisation. Previously, training was seen by many as simply a task to complete. Now with Voyage, employees can view and register interest in a range of learning programmes. Voyage is seen as a platform for personal development and forms a flexible and comprehensive solution that can expand as the Company does.

Andy explained, “Since the launch of Voyage, we’ve seen an increase in interaction and engagement with our learning programmes. With employees being able to register on programmes that are of interest to them, we can refine our learning offering and focus on providing programmes that will deliver impact and results. In 2020 users have completed almost 3000 eLearning courses. Data shows that whilst employees are logged in to complete mandatory courses, they are also consuming additional learning.”

By supporting SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) and the latest Experience API standard, Civica Learning captures and tracks a wide range of course analytics and learner activities, including course completions, assessment scores and interactions with support resources.

Civica Learning has provided Briggs Marine with a central point for all their learning analytics. They now have a rich set of management information that is easily interrogated and reviewed. Collating information quickly and accurately enables Briggs Marine to review the progress of learners through training programmes, highlighting any gaps in a learner’s learning records and where required, react and deliver new or additional training to improve knowledge and ensure compliance.

“Clients rely on us to maintain our many accreditations, including The Nautical Institute, Association of Diving Contractors, City & Guilds, DNV-GL, UVDB and ISO accreditations. In order to do so, external auditors require us to demonstrate an accurate record of our employees’ learning histories. Not only will Civica Learning provide us with these records moving forward, but it will hold our legacy data - ensuring we’re able to provide complete records of training and compliance across the organisation.” Andy concluded.