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Helping occupational health providers support good health at work 

Our OPAS occupational health software helps you understand how health impacts work by managing healthcare costs and supporting your employees. Leading organisations across the public and private sectors use eOPAS and OPAS-G2 occupational health systems to advise employers and managers on making their workplaces safer and helping individuals return to work safely.  

With work-related stress, sickness absence, and mental health issues increasing, occupational health professionals are in high demand to advise on employees' health and well-being. If you understand the causes of absenteeism, presenteeism and long-term sickness, you can support early intervention and proactive measures to reduce health conditions. This will help improve morale and team culture, and drive business outcomes by engaging employees, controlling labour costs and minimising risk.

Our occupational health systems eOPAS and OPAS-G2 also deliver efficiency savings. The intelligent software automates and manages complex workflows such as referral, pre-placement, health surveillance, vaccinations/serology and management reports. 

Why choose Occupational Health software?

Reduces administrative and clinical overheads

Improves appointment attendance by lowering DNA rates

Fast referral triages supports earlier interventions and return to work

OPAS occupational health software transforms occupational health services.

Tackle today’s workforce challenges including lifestyle diseases, an aging working population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.

Key features:

  • Management referrals and self-referrals
  • Pre-placements
  • Health surveillance
  • Vaccination module
  • UK data protection law and auditing
  • Management reports and communications

North Yorkshire County Council

Using eOPAS we can now show that we have reduced our SLA’s from a 21-day turnaround from the referral being sent in, to the report being received by the manager, to under 7 days. Which is an achievement that’s outstanding.

How digitalisation can support evolving occupational health

Transforming occupational health services using digitalisation provides a host of opportunities

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The sky’s the limit for Occupational Health at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Transforming to a fully digital way of working has improved service delivery to employees and customers.

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The integration of occupational health and recruitment software is here – OPAS-G2/Trac

Improve the efficiency of your health clearance process by over 25% through connected data, automated communications and streamlining processes.

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Recruitment system Trac OPAS G2

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