eLearning content

eLearning content that’s right for you

eLearning and microlearning content that’s tailored to your learning needs.

Our team of highly creative instructional designers and media specialists create eLearning and microlearning content that increases engagement and enhances learning experiences.

We’ll listen to what you need and work with you to achieve the best results. By sharing our expertise on design, messaging and user experience, we’ll help you transform your learning offering.

Whatever your learning topic – induction and onboarding, compliance, leadership development, sales training or others – we’ll ensure your eLearning and microlearning improves knowledge and performance.

If you have existing content that’s in need of an update to reflect new policies, procedures, legislation or other elements impacting your organization, we can refresh it to deliver the modern learning experiences your learners need.

The types of eLearning content we can create for you

Deloitte US

This was a two-hour classroom course and you transformed it into a beautiful and memorable digital learning experience. Once again, exceeding our expectations.

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See examples of the eLearning content we’ve created and how they support a wide range of learning initiatives.

The eLearning content you need

No barriers to learning - we create content that works across all platforms and devices, ensuring it’s available when and how your learners want it.

Video - we create authentic video scenarios and add interactivity, allowing people to explore and learn at their own pace.

Animation and simulation - we take complex topics and turn them into clear learning messages through animations and simulations.

Gamification - we combine learning with game elements to make the experience enjoyable, challenging and memorable

Knowledge checks - we create stand-alone or integrated assessments, quizzes and surveys to assess learner knowledge.

Translation and localisation - we can translate and localise your content to ensure a positive learning experience for each individual learner.

Why choose Civica eLearning content?

Content that meets your learning needs.

Technologies that fit your organisation

Increase engagement using video, animation and gamification

Some of our eLearning content customers

Transforming risk and compliance eLearning at Deloitte

Supporting employees with modern and engaging digital learning content such as immersive videos and gamification.

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