21st May 2019

Civica continues to listen to its customers

We're listening to our customers and responding to their feedback with our annual YourVoice customer survey

As an international software company and global leader in public services technology, it is essential that we continually take the time to listen to our customers, including via our annual survey based on the Net Promoter system.

On Tuesday 7th May 2019, we invited our customers to take part in our YourVoice customer survey to find out how we can improve their experience and exceed their expectations.

Regularly taking our customers' feedback and suggestions on board enables us to continually move forward as a business, and remain in a strong position to respond to their future needs and achieve better outcomes for people and communities.

As part of our commitment to improve local outcomes on a global scale, we will also be donating £5/$5 to one of the Civica Group foundation charities for every completed survey.

If you are a customer wanting to learn more about our survey and how you can take part, contact your sales account manager today or alternatively email us here at civicagroupmarketing@civica.co.uk.