2nd February 2017

Select the best ePOD Device

Rugged v Consumer devices: What do you need to consider?

Consumer devices are now available with tougher casing; rugged devices have become smaller, more streamlined and run on the Android OS. The line between them has become more blurred and your decision on devices should really come down to your own business requirement.

Do you need to scan barcodes? How intensive is the scanning requirement?  For example, if your ePOD app functionality incorporates high volumes of barcode scanning where speed and accuracy are a high priority, then you may want to consider an enterprise-grade rugged device.

Other questions that will affect your decision include:

  • A hazardous or harsh working environment?
  • Extremes of temperature, dust or dirt?
  • Lifecycle and support of device model?
  • Reliability and battery life?

Consumer devices can be more suited to safer environments and repetitive tasks that require a lightweight but powerful solution. Although they typically have a lower initial cost of acquisition, the total cost of ownership over the course of three or five years including maintenance and management can far outweigh the TCO of a rugged device.

Further reading to help you decide on the right device for your mobile business requirements:

TranSend ePOD customers use the same app on rugged and consumer devices, some with a mixed estate, which means that subcontractors and agency drivers can use the same system on their own devices.

Contact us to explore how TranSend ePOD and optional route planning can make your deliveries more efficient, reduce your operating costs and improve your customer service levels.