Habitus delivers new learning initiatives to employees across Denmark with Civica Learning

17th November 2021

Care experts, Habitus, deliver new learning initiatives to employees across Denmark with Civica Learning

Habitus wanted to launch a range of new learning initiatives that would transform the learning and development programmes delivered to their employees. They worked with Roiit and Agylia to implement the latest mobile based training and support platform.

The challenge

Habitus provides mentoring and support to individuals with autism, and accommodation and day care for young people and adults with development disorders and problematic behaviour. Habitus employs around 500 employees, a mix of permanent and temporary employees, and provides its services to municipalities across Denmark.

Jette Deltorp, Senior Vice President of Habitus said, “We have a saying at Habitus that everyone in the company understands – ‘Transfer from course to reality’. We therefore needed a learning platform that would enable us to gain and share knowledge, which we can then action in everyday life.”

The solution

Following consultation with Roiit, Agylia’s reseller in Denmark, Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) and mobile learning Apps, was selected as the learning platform for Habitus because of its ease of use, modern functionality and highly configurable user interface that supports Habitus’ new branding styles.

Habitus Logo

Jette Deltorp,

Senior Vice President,


Working together, we were able to sharpen our understanding of what learning can do to strengthen our ability to execute our overall business strategy. We can now focus on using Civica Learning’s modern learning technologies to strengthen the most important assets and skills we have at Habitus, our people.

Civica Learning provides Habitus with a very powerful, reliable and easy-to-use delivery infrastructure. Civica Learning has enabled Habitus to host and deliver a wide range of digital learning resources, including eLearning courses, videos, PDFs and web links, to learners across the organisation.

The Civica Learning mobile learning Apps provide Habitus employees with access to the latest learning materials on their iOS and Android tablet or smartphone devices. Due to the nature of the learning environment, where employees are away from their desks, supporting the young people and adults in their care, learning materials can be downloaded and saved for easy access and use, wherever and whenever required.

Civica learner portal and mobile learning Apps are available to Habitus employees in both Danish and English, with learners being able to select their preferred language.

Gamification features, within the LMS and mobile Apps, enable learners to earn points by accessing content and performing various activities. A leaderboard displays current points earnt and enables learners to see their position relative to their colleagues and any badges, medals and trophies collected. The use of gamification encourages participation in learning programmes.

Habitus Akademi Learning Portal and mobile learning App

Habitus Akademi Learning Portal and mobile learning App

The result

“The learning project at Habitus is about developing the business and our employees, it’s not just an IT project. As such, IT efficiencies and savings aren’t the focal point for us, but we find that both can be achieved by a radically changed learning culture. What’s important to us is the investment, motivation and impact we have on our employees, which in turn will improve the quality of our services, and our brand, marketing position and strategy."

"Roiit and Civica understood the importance of being able to deliver our training programmes to geographically spread learners, who live and work all over the country and use all types of technologies to get online. It was important for us to know that we could reach everyone with our latest learning content and support materials,” continued Jette.

As a growing organisation, it was important that Habitus selected an easily scalable solution that meets their needs now and into the future.

“Because we are looking to increase our employee numbers in the future, it’s important that we can scale our learning platform - both technically and economically," added Jette.

Jette concludes, "Shifting our focus to common knowledge development across our organisation has brought a number of benefits to Habitus. It benefits our bottom line when we support and develop our employees, so they can turn learning into real life action. Our employees are up-to-speed faster, we have less staff turnover and we are able to react to different situations quicker."