Delivering onboarding programmes to staff and volunteers at headspace Denmark

17th November 2021

Civica Learning delivers onboarding programmes to staff and volunteers at headspace Denmark

headspace Denmark wanted to launch a range of new learning initiatives that would transform the onboarding, growth and development programmes delivered to their staff and volunteers.

The challenge

headspace Denmark is an initiative under The Social Network and provides mental wellbeing counselling service for young people between the age of 12 and 25 years.

Kim Callesen, Centre Manager at headspace Aabenraa said, “With staff at 18 headspace Denmark centres and more than 450 volunteer counsellors across Denmark, we wanted to transform our onboarding and training programmes, beyond the face-to-face introduction weekends and regular theme nights we hold at our centres, to provide the latest in modern digital learning experiences.”


The solution

Headspace Denmark chose Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) as their learning platform because of its modern functionality, ease of use and ability to create a highly effective digital learning environment for both learners and administrators.

Headspace logo

Kim Callesen,

Centre Manager at headspace Aabenraa

Our new digital learning approach is enabling us to onboard new staff and volunteers quickly, meaning they can begin to support young people quickly too. We are also able to deliver ongoing learning programmes – sharing content, insights and techniques – to develop our people’s knowledge and understanding of the challenges young people have and come with.

Civica Learning, branded as the headspace Academy, has provided headspace Denmark with a very powerful, reliable and easy-to-use delivery infrastructure. The Agylia LMS enables headspace Denmark to host and deliver a wide range of digital learning resources, including eLearning courses, events, videos, podcasts and documents, to staff and volunteers across the organisation.

Civica's mobile learning Apps provides headspace Denmark staff and volunteers with access to the latest learning materials on their iOS and Android mobile or tablet. Due to the nature of the learning environment - where staff and counsellors are supporting young people at a headspace centre or remotely via chat - the learning materials can be accessed via the Civica Learning wherever and whenever required.

Civica Learning portal and mobile learning Apps are available to headspace Denmark employees in both Danish and English, with learners able to select their preferred language.

The result

“This is our first learning platform and it’s a significant step forward for headspace Denmark. We’ve been able to modernise our learning programmes and provide staff and counsellors with engaging digital learning experiences, helping them to grow and develop."