Civica helps Northwest Tri-County Unit deliver quality education

1st October 2018

Delivering an asset management system that would work efficiently at scale

UI5 is a regional educational service that provides programs across 17 schools. Before Parago, UI5 struggled to find a solution that offered everything they were looking for in one central system, that included managing assets across all sites. Each system they integrated came with issues that didn’t fit right in the schools.

UI5 instantly liked Parago’s icon-based dashboard. It makes the system easy-to-use and navigate for all levels of staff. This meant that the time it takes to do tasks has drastically reduced, freeing up staff to put more time into teaching their students.

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Key outcomes

Simple navigation with icon-based dashboard

Asset management is managed centrally through one dashboard

Accurate data tracked and reported via PC and mobile app

Vince Humes,

Director of Innovative Technology Solutions,


Being able to move the assets in this way, as well as track the different stages the devices have been through, is a great feature and time saver.