Improving patient care through integrated healthcare data management.

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Managing patient pathways

Digital transformation of the NHS is a priority. Technology plays a key role in supporting better care and improved outcomes for patients.

InfoFlex cloud software delivers a single view of patient information. Combining data recorded in InfoFlex via clinical solutions or patient portals with information from existing hospital systems. This provides comprehensive, real-time information to support clinical decision making and patient care.

Designed to meet clinical needs by reflecting patient care pathways, InfoFlex supports over 65 clinical specialties throughout the healthcare community. Here are just a couple of innovative ways it’s being used to manage COVID-19 data collection and reporting:


  • West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust set up a Virtual Hospital for the administration of patients being cared for in the community
  • At Sherwood Forest Hospitals and Gloucester Hospitals Foundation Trusts, InfoFlex alerts clinicians that a patient has been tested for COVID-19 with the results.

Why choose InfoFlex?

Single view of real-time patient information supports clinical decision making

Automates workflow processes and alerts ensuring efficient management of patient pathways

Inherent flexibility brings healthcare communities together; patients, clinicians and the trust, to improve patient experience.

clinical specialities

NHS trusts


InfoFlex is dedicated to driving digital transformation in the NHS through a single clinical solution. The configurability meets changing NHS needs and supports healthcare management such as:

  • Care pathway and workflow management 
  • Patient and clinician portals and dashboards
  • Shared care and empowerment of patients in their own care processes 
  • Integrated inpatient care 
  • All clinical specialties including cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatology, endoscopy, COVID-19 
  • Remote monitoring and stratified pathway tracking 
  • Discharge summaries
  • Scheduling.

Graham Putnam,

Consultant OMFS, Chief Clinical Information Officer,

Caldicott Guardian, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

To enable clinical teams to make the best decisions for patients, access to the complete health record is required, extending beyond the traditional boundaries of hospital practice. Accessing a range of information sources including the GP record in a contextual fashion using our InfoFlex clinical portal means that those key decisions are supported by the most up to date information presented through a simple interface.

Supporting MS in South Devon

Improving patient outcomes at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

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Friendly happy doctor pediatrician with patient child girl in office at clinic

Referrals fast-tracked in Greater Manchester

Allowing for better patient experience at Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

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Friendly happy doctor pediatrician with patient child girl in office at clinic

InfoFlex Cancer Solution

Delivering excellence in cancer care pathway management

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Some of our InfoFlex customers include:

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