Civica awarded £5m+ contract to support Army Headquarters' digital transformation

29th May 2024

Army HQ partners with Civica to strengthen digital capabilities

Army Headquarters (HQ) has announced a significant step forward in its digital transformation journey with the awarding of a new contract to Civica, a leading provider of GovTech solutions. The contract, valued at £5 million+, underscores the commitment of both parties to enhance operational effectiveness through digital innovation.

Civica's partnership with Army HQ dates to its support for Project THEIA, a strategic initiative aimed at digitising information and leveraging digital technologies to enhance operational and business decision-making processes. As part of this collaboration, Civica successfully implemented the Army Command Standing Order (ACSO) 18/08, the Data Governance & Coherence Directive, drawing upon its expertise in the MOD Data Strategy and its subsequent implementation and enforcement across delivery teams.

Building upon this foundation, the new contract with Civica will further strengthen Army HQ's digital capabilities, serving over 82,000 troops. The contract comprises two key phases:

Phase 1 – Core Team 1 (Current – 31 March 2026)

A team of six multi-skilled professionals, including a Data Architect (Lead), Security Architect, Business Architect, Information Architect, and Applications Architect SMEs, will be fully embedded within Army HQ. The team's primary objective is to establish and embed the Civica Enterprise Architecture Support Programme (EASP) Core Team 1. They will initiate an initial sprint to define the EASP Architecture Principles, Governance Model, and Roadmap, providing a foundation for future initiatives.

Phase 2 – Core Team 2 (01 June 2024 – 31 March 2026)

Building upon the work of Core Team 1, up to six additional multi-skilled staff will supplement the Civica EASP Core Team 1. Working in specified sprints, Core Team 2 will design, develop, and deliver the EASP Architecture Principles, Governance Model, Roadmap, and other tasks identified by the Information Data Authority (Info DA).

This agile and multi-skilled approach, facilitated by Civica's proven track record as an MoD partner, will leverage best practices from various existing MoD programs to deliver maximum value to the Info DA.

Ian Holden,

Executive Director Central Government


We are honoured to extend our collaboration with Army HQ and play a pivotal role in their digital transformation journey. By leveraging our expertise in enterprise architecture and digital solutions, we are committed to delivering tangible outcomes that will enhance operational efficiency and decision-making across the Army's Directorates.

Chris Griffin,

Chief Information Architect,

Dep Hd Information Design Authority

Army Headquarters’ Directorate of Information is delighted Civica have come on board to join our Architecture function as the Enterprise Architecture Support Partner to assist in our mission to digitally transform the British Army. This contract represents a significant investment in enhancing our Architecture Service Operating Model, driving architecture exploitation and coherence across the organisation, enabling us to better deliver capability and exploitation of data and technology supporting our personnel and operational intent.