Civica Leadership Forum 2024

17 & 18 January 2024, The Grand Hotel, Birmingham


Thriving through change

Let's debate & shape the future of public services together

Civica Leadership Forum is our exclusive event for public sector senior leaders to network, take time to reflect and discuss some of the big issues facing the sector; from skills retention, community participation and engagement, to data-driven decision-making and building financial resilience.

Our roundtable discussions

Transforming uncertainty into positive change

Chair: John O’Halloran, Head of Consultancy Services, CIPFA

As the 2024 general election looms, the prospect of a new government brings with it a wave of change and uncertainty. Let’s delve into the pressing questions: How will grants be impacted? What funds will be available to sustain core services? What policies are on the horizon and how will they shape the sector in the coming year?

We’ll also explore the pivotal role of devolution, empowering local communities to address their unique needs. In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, we'll examine the necessary policy changes, collaborative efforts with stakeholders, and investments in eco-friendly technologies. Don't miss this opportunity to strategise the challenges of a transforming political landscape.

Charting a course for financial resilience

Public sector leaders are grappling with reduced funding and escalating demands. How can we balance the books while keeping essential services intact?

Let's talk about the real impact of today's uncertain financial climate and how to best safeguard essential services.

Shaping innovative, citizen-centric services

Chair: Adam Lent, Chief Executive, New Local

In our discussion, we'll explore how changing societal dynamics impact the public sector, examining the balance between service delivery and evolving citizen expectations. To embrace these changes, we'll focus on empowering communities and fostering environments where citizens thrive.

We'll also talk about the use of digital government services, mobile apps, and online platforms to meet citizens' demands for responsive and personalised interactions.

Let’s brainstorm a future where change is a catalyst for innovative, citizen-centric governance.

A data-driven future: navigating digital transformation

Chair: Robin Denton, Director of Local Government, Microsoft

In this session, discover how leveraging the power of data, from AI and analytics to demographic insights, can revolutionise decision-making and enhance service delivery for citizens.

We’ll explore the challenges and opportunities presented by increased automation, smart cities, and digital platforms, while focusing on citizen data security, privacy, and equitable access. Join us as we unravel strategies to ensure that data becomes the linchpin for informed decisions, fostering a digitally advanced, secure, and citizen-centric public sector.

Attracting talent and nurturing change in the modern workforce

Chair: Kirsty Mitchell, CEO & Founder, Skillzminer

As the working landscape evolves, the UK public sector must adapt to embrace flexible arrangements, remote working, and the gig economy.

In this session, we’ll discuss harnessing the inherent power of purpose within the public sector to attract and retain top talent. We’ll explore innovative strategies to communicate the unique opportunities available, emphasising the sector’s diverse roles and profound sense of purpose.

Together, we’ll tackle essential questions like…how do we restructure our workforce for the future? What initiatives foster skills growth and retention? How can leaders cultivate a culture of perpetual learning?

Let’s shape a public sector workforce that is not only agile and future-ready but committed to the values of purpose and sustainability.

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