Changing landscape for social housing

Putting residents first and building safer and sustainable homes is better for everyone.

Our new changing landscape for social housing highlights the key sector challenges. We took the time to listen to sector leaders, and residents so we can work together and make a difference.

How housing associations are developing better relationships in the wake of Grenfell fire.

After the independent review of building regulations and fire safety, a new Golden Thread policy is calling for accurate and up-to-date information on buildings and their construction. Aside from the issue of gathering data, this presents a new challenge.

We asked housing leaders: how can organisations keep residents informed and encourage them to contribute to the discussion?

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Home working, green spaces and energy efficiency: uncovering housing priorities for the next decade.

Today’s housing organisations are facing tightening finances while balancing affordable rents. They’re trying to be more responsive to the resident voice. They’re having to meet new and sometimes inconsistent policies. And, recently, they’re having issues finding and hiring new staff. There’s no shortage of challenges in this sector.

Read what housing leaders discussed at our roundtable discussion on looking ahead to the future of social housing in 2035.

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Sustainable housing: achievable goal or financial nightmare?

Housing organisations across the country are juggling many challenges. Fire safety. Affordable rent. Housing quality. But, arguably, the biggest strategic challenge of all is becoming carbon neutral.

The latest Civica roundtable gathered representatives from the sector to discuss what it will take to become more sustainable.

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Will digital twins revolutionise social housing?

In the social housing sector, virtual representations of physical spaces, known as digital twins have the potential to deliver even better outcomes for organisations and residents.

We asked housing leaders: what are the challenges and benefits to implementing digital twins in social housing? And how can we make it happen?

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Listen to Housing Leaders share their final thoughts on:

  • Resident voice
  • The future of social housing
  • Sustainability & decarbonisation
  • Digital twins

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