Spydus SaaS
Integrated Library Management System

Empowering libraries around the globe for over 40 years with a modern, cloud-based, library management system.

Our cloud-optimised library management system - Spydus SaaS represents a culmination of decades of expertise and innovation, offering improved operational efficiencies for libraries of all sizes.

Spydus SaaS is built to add an extra dimension to your library with intuitive tools and features that simplifies operations - resulting in a better way to manage your library’s assets and services.

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Why Spydus SaaS?

Optimised management processes

Optimised management processes with streamlined cataloguing, circulation, and inventory control.

Integrated library management

The integrated app ensures users have visibility and accessibility to services on the go.

Delivery of exceptional digital library

Deliver library services with intuitive interface, integrations, and personalized recommendations.


What is an integrated library management system (ILMS)?

An ILMS is essentially a software suite that streamlines all library operations, from managing library catalogs and memberships to automating book borrowing and returns. Think of it as an all-in-one solution for running a library efficiently.

Who uses library management systems?

Libraries of all sizes and types use library management systems, including public libraries, school libraries, academic libraries, and corporate libraries.

What is digital library management software?

It's a software that streamlines digital libraries, helping manage resources and assisting both librarians and users.

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