On-demand webinar | How to achieve good estates management in your school, college or MAT

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Are you ensuring best practices for estate management in your school, college or MAT?

Watch our webinar to understand what school leaders can do to keep students and staff safe with good estate management best practices and ensure compliance with the latest legislation.

We teamed up with Jo Marchant, a highly experienced head of estates who literally wrote ‘The school premises handbook’ on what schools need to do achieve good estates management. In our webinar, we discussed the latest legislation and best practices for keeping your people safe.

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What will I learn in this session?

As well as exploring the impact of school buildings and grounds has on student learning, in this session, we discussed ways to enhance and improve:

  • the school working environment and health and safety (including fire safety)
  • statutory compliance duties, including key legislation, further information sources and action checklists,
  • the year-long cycle of planned maintenance activities,
  • risk management and assessments,
  • managing and developing a premises team
  • the managing and tracking of school estates management using smart digital platforms.


Who should watch the webinar?

Keeping students and staff safe is everyone’s responsibility. There’s something for everyone to learn in this session.

  • School premises staff will find a wealth of information, from what to do on their first day in the role to planning the year-long cycle of maintenance activities.
  • School and trust business managers will find advice on managing premises staff and developing their school estate.
  • Headteachers and SLT will be informed of their responsibilities for ensuring their schools and MATs are safe and compliant.

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A little more about Jo Marchant, author of ‘The School Premises Handbook’

Jo has over 20 years of estates management experience in the public and charitable sectors and has worked in the education sector for the last 14 years.

Her experience includes working as Head of Estates and Health & Safety Officer for an eight school multi-academy trust where she was responsible for managing the School Condition Allocation and other capital projects, writing and delivering its estates and sustainability strategies, procuring Trust wide contracts, implementing buildings compliance systems, and developing premises staff.

Jo is the author of “The School Premises Handbook” published in June 2023 which she wrote to inform school premises staff, business managers, headteachers and governors in England of their legal responsibilities around buildings compliance.

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Take a look a Civica Education Operations to see how we help schools, colleges and MATs save time and money whilst ensuring compliance.

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