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Our smart cloud kitchen management software provides a complete framework for foodservice organisations.

Civica Catering Management software customers are relying on us to improve the efficiency of complex catering operations across 17,000 sites in 11 countries.

Our online catering management system is designed for centralised operations. It helps contract caterers, local authorities, multi-academy trusts and healthcare organisations manage operations across their estate.

Become more productive and improve experience for those using your services with our online catering management system and easy-to-use kitchen management app. It ensures you can monitor, analyse and manage operational, legal and financial objectives – all in one place.

We can help you:

  • Digitise and centralise kitchen and compliance management
  • Improve financial governance, protecting profits and budgets
  • Maximise revenues with effective menu planning
  • Protect diners and the planet with allergen and CO2 profiling
  • Simplify and automate purchasing and payments
  • Reduce costs and food waste with complete control and visibility
  • Improve patient experience with electronic meal ordering.

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Discover the benefits:

Save two hours per site every day through digitisation

Reduce paper use in the kitchen by 80 per cent

Gain one hour a day back for every kitchen manager

Reduce purchase and invoicing costs by 70 per cent

Reduce stock held by five per cent

Improve staff wellbeing and retention.

Frequently asked questions

What is kitchen management software?

Kitchen management software is a digital tool that streamlines and organises various tasks in a kitchen, such as inventory management, recipe costing, and order tracking.

What is the main function of kitchen management software?

It helps enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve overall operational workflow in a food service establishment.

What functionality is included in Civica Catering Management?

Paperless kitchen management app - Our Check app provides kitchen and compliance management on any device:

  • iOS, Android & Windows
  • Simple user interface
  • On/Offline operation
  • Dynamic compliance
  • Integrated messaging.

Financial governance - All the management tools you need to protect profits and budgets:

  • Cash management analysis
  • Credit, free issue and hospitality
  • Banking analysis
  • Trading volumes.

Recipes and menus - Maximise revenues with effective planning. Our cloud kitchen software is a complete food menu management system, including food costing software and menu costing software:

  • Site specific management 
  • Dynamic updates 
  • Balanced menus 
  • Protected foodservice standards 
  • Managed food offer 
  • Integrated production planning.

Wellbeing and sustainability - Protect diners and the planet. Our online catering system includes allergen management software and more:

  • Nutrition and allergen profiling 
  • Dietary preferences
  • Wellbeing portal
  • CO2 profiling 
  • Procurement and waste reporting.

Purchase to pay – Simplify and automate the buying process with our online catering software:

  • EDI and web trader 
  • Managed catalogues
  • 4–way document matching 
  • Systemised approvals
  • Exception management 
  • Dynamic updates.

Stock management - Reduce costs and waste with complete control and visibility. Civica Catering Management includes all you need from a food inventory management system or kitchen stock management software:

  • Dynamic update of volumes and prices
  • Demonstrable audit
  • Line by line analysis 
  • Integrated waste management 
  • Simplified stock take 
  • Authorised sign off.

Bedside digital pre-order - Improve patient experience with electronic meal ordering (EMO):

  • iOS, Android & Windows
  • On/Off Line Operation 
  • PMA/PAS Integration 
  • Dynamic Updates 
  • Image Based Ordering 
  • Integrated Service Planning.

Cashless, payments and meal pre-order – We don’t just offer software for kitchen management. Choose from our other integrated solutions for education:

  • Cloud cashless catering 
  • Meal pre-order 
  • Parental payments
  • EPoS
  • Third party system integration.

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