Annual Review 2021

For the year ended 30 September 2021

Focus and ambition helped make 2021 a successful year

Civica is proud to be the UK’s largest software company focused on the public sector. We’ve been that trusted partner for the public sector for over 30 years and that’s a result of the focus and ambition we’ve always had - to help improve public services around the world. Organisations continued to be stretched in 2021, as we all dealt with Covid-19. Civica maintained the focused support for our customers and their communities, as well as our colleagues, whilst generating success for the Group the during the year.

Simon Downing,


2021 has been another extraordinary year for us all and I continue to be proud of the long term commitment and dedication of Civica colleagues in supporting our customers and citizens.

Accelerating our investment in people and software product innovation has meant we were in a position to help even more customers rise to the digital challenge in 2021. Our culture, clear strategy and track record of delivery, once again provided the foundation for a strong financial performance and a 20th successive year of growth. We see significant further potential for our software to support improved public services for citizens across the globe in 2022 and look forward with confidence to the year ahead.

On behalf of the Board I would like to thank all our people for their outstanding contribution, and our customers and partners for their continued commitment and trust in Civica.

Group CEO Wayne Story reflects on a year that generated success for our customers, our people and our business

Across the 2021 year, we continued to support our customers on their digital transformation journeys, including addressing those new needs generated by the pandemic. As the UK’s largest software company focused on the public sector, we are uniquely placed to help our customers with smart software solutions that deliver for them and for citizens.

With an 8.3% growth in Group revenue, a record Group EBITDA at £110.5 million, and outstanding Customer and Employee Net Promoter Scores, 2021 provided clear evidence that our focus and ambition is right. We continued to invest in our products and to add key capability with targeted acquisitions – 7 completed in the year. Our investment in people also continued, with record advances in training and systems, allowing them to be effective and agile, as we drove results for customers and the business.

Wayne Story,

Chief Executive Officer

2021 has been another challenging year for public servants. All of Civica is proud to support the work they do delivering for citizens and we continue to be focused on providing smart software solutions that address real challenges.

Across the key markets that Civica supports, our smart software has continued to help citizens and communities globally

Civica’s products and services are used by 2.5 million professionals to deliver improved outcomes across national, regional and local government, health and care, housing, education, public safety, people and workforce management and democracy. Our combination of deep sector and technology expertise is helping our customers to meet unprecedented challenges to sustain and enhance public services. Through greater digitisation and automation, a growing use of cloud solutions and increased focus on smart use of data, we continue to help address rising citizen expectations for innovative and efficient public services around the world.

Local government

Civica is helping local authorities around the world to service their citizens and support the thousands of hard-working public servants. But has Covid-19 created a bigger change in the local government landscape and are the data, digital transformation and automation needs any different to two years ago?

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Government and justice

Civica is a trusted digital partner for more than 40 departments and agencies and their local partners. So from this informed position, what have we observed about the needs of these entities? Has the need changed? Is the digital transformation agenda any different to what it was two years ago?

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Health and care

With a 30 year track record in the health and care sector, involvement with 500 health and care providers and across the UK, Australia and North America, Civica has a unique perspective. Pressures, needs and trends are pretty clear. But are they different now? And are they addressable?

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Male doctor discuss with child patient


Resident expectations are rising, as are regulatory expectations around safe, well managed and cost-effective public housing. How does this all get addressed? With our unique view across 400 social housing organisations, serving more than 5.3 million customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Civica can see what the future may hold for the sector.

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Education is being impacted by technology, whilst taking advantage of it too. Some of it a function of consumer behaviour, some from needing to address big influences like the pandemic. With our position as a partner to thousands of schools, colleges and libraries, we can see what is changing and how the sector is looking for transformation.

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Students walking on a road

Democracy and governance

A nudge has occurred, without question. For electoral management, be it for local authorities, membership organisations, corporates, building societies or trade unions, the prompt towards digital couldn’t be ignored. The same applies to meeting management. From our unique position, we’ve been able to observe trends and to act, within this world.

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The way we see it – Civica shares its views

With our unique position supporting the public sector, we’re able to share insights about what is going on in each of the areas we serve. Watch our Civica leaders give their views on their individual areas of expertise – what the last two years have shown us and what lies ahead.

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The working world has changed, but the passion and focus of our Civica people has not

Backed by our culture, guided by our values, Civica people have continued to push themselves forward. Be it in the pursuit of solutions for our customers and the citizens they serve, or for personal growth and development, our team have worked with passion and focus.

Making good use of the 220,000 hours of training in 2021, we’ve challenged ourselves personally and professionally to grow, enhance and change. We’ve worked at bringing our whole selves to work, allowing everyone in the business to find acceptance and contribute. In a working world that’s now quite different, we’ve embraced new approaches that give our Civica team the flexibility and autonomy they need, to perform at their best and grow as people.

Keeping our passion and focus – how we’re doing it

Three of Civica’s people leaders, share the stories of what we are doing to support and enhance our people and fuel our culture. What are the values and ideas that guide us and that we keep coming back to? How are we striving to do more around diversity and inclusion? And how has Civica adapted to the new post-pandemic working world?

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Julie Chell,

Chief People Officer

2021 showed that our values of knowledge, integrity and action are well embedded and constantly guide us to deliver a great service for our customers. I see passionate Civica people displaying these values all the time - it's inspiring.

Our 20th year of growth has positioned us well for the future

Across the 2021 year, Civica drove notable operational and financial performance and established new benchmarks for the business. In the year to 30th September 2021 we grew our Group EBITDA by 18.7% to £110.5 million, our first year over the £100 million threshold. From compound annual revenue growth of 11% and EBITDA growth of 15% across the five years 2016-2021, our 20th year of growth has put us in a strong position to drive further forward, generating value for all our stakeholders.

Martin Franks,

Chief Financial Officer

I am delighted with the performance of the Group in 2021. Not only have we generated outstanding financial results, we have continued to invest in our software capabilities across the Group, with improved outcomes for customers and communities globally. My thanks go out to all of our customers and colleagues.