Easy to Configure

Wizard-based configuration makes it easy for those without technical expertise to define service structure, control access, update drop-down list values, add online help for case handlers, set time limits and targets, and much, much more.

From the start, we collaborate with you to understand exactly what you need Civica Complaints Management to do. We then use our Workflow Designer and Form Designer tools to create processing and data modelling structures that facilitate efficient case management workflows. Post-implementation, built-in configuration tools enable your administrators to refine Civica Complaints Management’s functionality to match exactly what you want to accomplish.

From user access roles to correspondence templates, Civica Complaints Management’s flexible & configurable framework supports all of your enterprise’s complaint management needs

  • Built-in configuration tools: Prior to and post implementation, such as user role allocation, team management, complaint classifications, response and action time limits, communication templates and task management.
  • Workflow Designer: This tool provides a full event-driven framework that enables you to decide how functionality is triggered in your workflows – to create cases, events and stages, guide your case handlers, automatically generate tasks and correspondence
  • Form Designer: This tool enables your enterprise to specify exactly how to model collected data at all points in the case management process, with the use of intelligent forms containing optimal responses to determine which subsequent questions should be asked. In this way, detailed question flows can be used to populate cases with quality data.
  • Correspondence: Configure messaging templates that can be auto-generated as part of a workflow event or made available to case handlers as an ad-hoc option. Templates empower your case handlers to rapidly create highly-relevant correspondence integrating timings and user data based on your unique customisations.
  • Service Menu: The service menu is a powerful configuration tool that enables your enterprise to build an accessible menu-driven portal that supports the speedy allocation of service requests to appropriate teams as well as facilitating the case creation process.

Civica Complaints Management offers a wholly unique experience for enterprises who want a powerful complaint management system that actually performs according to their business needs.

If you would like to find out more about Civica Complaints Management for your organisation, contact us.