NHS Wales rolls out Civica Experience platform

23rd November 2022

NHS Wales rolls out national platform to provide unique picture of service user feedback for the first time

  • All Health Boards and Trusts in NHS Wales have implemented the Civica Experience Wales system to collect real-time feedback from users of its services

The Civica Experience Wales platform has been introduced as part of the Once for Wales Concerns Management System programme, led by NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP).

Jonathan Webb,

Head of Safety & Learning,

NWSSP’s Welsh Risk Pool Service

The Civica Experience Wales product provides real time feedback from service users which can be collated and analysed quickly and effectively. Through the introduction of a common platform, health bodies now have a tool to gather feedback from patients, relatives and other users of health and care services across NHS Wales.

With all health bodies using one system, NHS Wales can better support service and quality reviews whilst ensuring a consistent national approach.

Angela Hughes, Assistant Director of Patient Experience at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and Chair of the All-Wales Listening & Learning from Feedback Group said: “The Civica Experience Wales platform offers an exciting opportunity for all health bodies to gather feedback from service users with an easy-to-use system. The data and insight that is delivered by the system will make a positive difference across the whole of the NHS in Wales.”

The system operates by developing and presenting surveys for completion by services users and utilises a range of contact methods, including SMS text messaging, interactive voice recognition, web-based tools and a dedicated app which can be installed on devices within the organisation. The platform includes a powerful data analysis tool which enables health service managers to understand detailed information received from service users, which incorporate the ability to recognise the sentiment behind a response.

NHS Wales has established a number of staff as Local System Leads, to operate the platform within an organisation and provide support to service managers.

Marcia Buchanan, Patient Experience Manager and the Local System Lead at Swansea Bay University Health Board explained: “The sentiment analysis of responses enables very rich information to be drawn from the data input by service users and this enables me to provide our service leadership teams with valuable insight into the experiences of patients and relatives. The graphs and data tools are straight forward for managers to access with minimal training needed.”

A dedicated team from Civica has been assembled to work with organisations in NHS Wales.

Steve Brain,

Executive Director,

Health & Care, Civica

Accurate and detailed service user feedback is crucial to improving services and building innovative health and care facilities. We’re delighted to be supporting NHS Wales in adopting this tool across all of its services. Our product will help organisations to understand real-time feedback, prioritise risk areas and drive service improvement.