Transforming data for NICE

7th February 2023

New Civica data platform to help transform services at National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

  • The MultiVue master data management (MDM) platform will provide a complete, accurate and shareable view of information across the organisation
  • NICE can record multiple stakeholder engagements at source across different teams and systems and combine into one joined up, accurate record
  • Help support NICE’s goal to produce vital guidelines, updates and evaluations even faster and more efficiently – focusing on what matters most to the health and care system.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is improving its master data management via a new partnership with GovTech leader Civica.

In a new implementation, NICE will bring in Civica’s MultiVue Master Data Management (MDM) cloud platform to meet the challenge of managing increasing amounts of complex data across the organisation.

NICE's guidelines make evidence-based recommendations on a wide range of topics from chronic disease to children’s health. These include preventing and managing specific conditions to planning broader services and interventions to improve the health of communities.

The organisation works with multiple external individuals and organisations in a range of different contexts, including during the development of draft guidance and supporting its implementation in practice. Contacts and stakeholders often interact with multiple teams in a variety of different ways. As information is collected across several IT systems, it is difficult to see one complete view without manually joining data together.

The new data platform will help NICE’s employees to easily share a common and complete view of all interactions with stakeholders – resulting in stronger relationships with stakeholders and carrying out their roles more effectively. With all data in the cloud, NICE can focus on value added activity, stakeholder management and providing health care related advice.

Elena Doyle,

Associate Director,

Data Management & Information Architecture at NICE

The world is becoming more complex and our relationships with our stakeholders and guidance users are too. We need an MDM system which will provide a single joined up record of every person we interact with and Civica MultiVue will enable this.

The new platform will help us to better understand the impact of the work we do. We need to be able to cover a much wider and more complex landscape of guidance users, stakeholders and system partners. This will enable us to ensure we’re focusing on the topics that matter most to the health and care system, and providing timely advice that meets our users’ needs.

Mark Burgess,

Managing Director,

Civica MDM

NICE offers a vital service to stakeholders across the UK with ambitions to produce guidelines and updates even quicker in future – this is only possible with a single source of data that all employees can access. We’re very pleased to be helping NICE to build a complete view of assets right across the organisation and support its future growth.