Helping NHS plan future food services

5th April 2022

NHS is turning to technology to run safe, cost-effective and efficient catering services.

We are increasingly more aware of the importance of good food and proper nutrition.

As Meals for the NHS says, "you can't save the nation on an empty stomach". If staff, exhausted after a 12-hour shift, have little other option than a snack from a vending machine, what message does that send about how we care for our workforce? Shift workers are already at risk of poorer health outcomes, and we cannot compound the problem with poor nutrition at work.

Poor working conditions, including a lack of access to nutritious food and drink, can contribute to stress and lack of control in the workplace. In a 2018 NHS survey, 39% of staff felt that food and catering facilities offered in their workplaces were poor.

We understand that accessing a 24/7 quality catering service is vital for the physical and mental well-being of NHS staff and the patients they are caring for. Our technology can help NHS trusts comply with the recommendations of the Independent Review of NHS Hospital Food by:

  • Ensuring staff know what is available in advance, with nutritional and allergen information
  • Providing a simple way to pre-order and pay for meals to reduce time-pressures
  • Ensuring catering staff can deliver a streamlined and well-planned service that reflects demand minimises food waste.

As we plan food services that are fit for the future, we can turn to technology to help the NHS run more efficient, cost-effective and safe catering operations. 

Civica software empowers over 500 customers globally across the NHS, public and private care sectors. We bring their clinical, financial, and operational settings together and improve their workforce's health and morale.

Civica Catering Management (formerley Saffron) is already used in over 275 hospitals and healthcare locations globally.