Helping Excel Society support people with disabilities

4th October 2022

Managing the collection and sharing of resident information to the front-line care team

Excel Society, located in Alberta, provides services and support to people of all ages with disabilities.

Excel Society was facing the challenge of consistently collecting and distributing resident information to members of the front-line care team.

Momentum EHR was selected to streamline and manage care delivery. Excel Society are now able to automatically update resident data, resulting in nurses providing more effective and efficient care.

Dashboards and roll-up views provide staff an efficient way of getting up to date on all or a subset of residents, while offering quick access to enter or review detailed resident data as required in only a few clicks.

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Jackie Isaac,

LPN, Excel Society

Updates on client profiles are easier than ever before. Access to each client’s data is at our fingertips. This in turn results in more effective and efficient care for our residents