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Easily roster and share working schedules in one place for flexibility across multiple companies, sites, departments and teams

Civica Roster software helps schedule contracted and flexible staff efficiently, predict and manage demand and monitor time and attendance. Allowing you to pick the right people for your teams every time, quickly and easily, streamlining workforce planning throughout your organization.

Our cloud roster software supports organizations and other environments where projects and workloads can change from day to day and week to week – and with it the people required. Simply define the roles that need filling and the software automatically finds available people with the correct skills to fill them and then shares this information with employees online or via SMS.

Civica Roster can be seamlessly integrated with our HR software, payroll software and time and attendance solutions, which can be used in combination or standalone. We can also offer integrated data analytics and intelligence tools, including Power BI.

Why choose Civica Roster software?

Gives a holistic view of staff availability

Automates rostering to reduce administrative time

Keeps your workforce happy by enabling staff to manage their own time

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Key benefits:

  • Complete visibility of your workforce availability so gaps can easily be managed
  • Minimize repetition and cut down administration by automatically uploading recurring shift patterns
  • Build demand schedules based on a service
  • Empower staff to self-serve from their mobile phones so they can manage their time effectively
  • Track working hours with our touch-screen time and attendance systems or mobile app, for secure clocking-in and out
  • Utilize our data analytics and intelligence tools, including Power BI, for better workforce decision-making.

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