Employee Testimonial - Eric Yap

Eric Yap
Financial Controller, Australia

I started at Civica back in early 2012. Since starting as a graduate I’ve had several roles including assistant accountant, financial accountant, senior financial accountant, finance manager, senior finance manager and now currently the APAC Financial Controller for Civica. I’m currently responsible for the consolidated financial reporting for Civica APAC, financial & tax compliance, cashflow forecasting, audits, and the preparation of our annual reports. I also oversee the core financial accounting function performed by my team in Corporate. Civica has provided me the opportunity to grow in terms of technical skills, having been given the chance to progress into more senior positions. I’ve also learned to negotiate with vendors and other stakeholders, to work collaboratively with other people, to appreciate what others bring to the table and utilise their expertise, to communicate complex ideas simply and concisely, and to identify potential in others and assist in their growth as professionals. And to pick your battles!

What has been the highlight of working at Civica so far?

I would say the development of my team. It has been a joy to see the people in my team grow beyond their junior roles and become the capable and reliable professionals they are today. I’m quite proud of the people I work with as they display the integrity, work ethic, friendly culture that Civica aspires to promote. Another highlight has been my involvement in the acquisitions of new businesses. Acquiring a new entity and being involved in the integration from a finance perspective required learning an entire field of work that I’d never previously been involved in, and really tested my technical understanding of accounting. It was memorable and satisfying to see aeveryone working together to make the project a success.

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