International Elections

Experienced management of ballots across multiple different constituencies worldwide.

Our Election Services team has extensive experience of managing ballots for international clients, including projects that require the management of ballots across multiple different constituencies worldwide.

Your overseas voters can fully engage and participate in democracy wherever they are in the world, allowing them to vote for their representative, committee member, or director regardless of their time zone.

Election management services

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Ballot design
  • Online voting services
  • Secure printing, mailing and counting
  • Virtual or hybrid events

Our wide range of services are all conducted and project-managed on our premises. This guarantees the security and accountability of our projects and a joined-up and cost-effective service.

How we deliver seamless international elections

Secure, robust online voting

Our CESvotes online voting platform enables overseas voters to engage in democracy wherever they are in the world, regardless of their time zone.

  • Supports your organisation’s needs throughout the election period
  • Configurable to your specific project and supports client branding
  • We work across various sector and project types, ensuring a smooth voter journey and positive user experience for every project we deliver.
Working in partnership

Working in partnership with our clients is key to the successful delivery of electoral projects.

  • Developing close working relationships with our client contacts gives us valuable insights into how their organisations work.
  • Beyond a simple consideration of the regulations that will govern how an electoral project runs, we have an appreciation of the culture of each organisation and the people we work with.
  • Working together as a team ensures effective communication, a key factor in delivering successful projects.
Customer service support

Our contactless customer service support is on hand to assist your electors and manage misplaced security codes and reminder emails.

What you get from our International Elections service

Unrivalled experience and expertise in managing elections, ballots and consultations

We have worked on voting projects for customers in over thirty different countries outside the UK

We have received votes from over 160 different countries around the world

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