New features to help transform your services

Digital360 continues to evolve. A modern user interface and the latest technology ensures your team has the right information at the right time and your data is secure in the cloud.

There’s lots of new features to help transform your services.

Feature Benefit
Browser interface - Simple and intuitive to use, and accessible via any common browser Your teams can work in an agile way from any connected device
Single user interface - All data and workflows are presented in one interface Designed to empower users, increase efficiencies, and save time by reducing clicks and searches
Enterprise search - Delivers fast search results that ranks and highlights matched information Retrieve information quickly and easily without having to navigate to separate menu’s
User dashboard - Access records, tasks, and history from an intuitive single user focussed dashboard Quickly navigating to information reduces time and increases efficiencies
File upload - Documents, files and emails can be uploaded via drag and drop, indexed and classified in a single task Easy to use and streamlined process saves time by removing additional stages
GOV.UK Notify integration - Seamless integration with GOV.UK Notify to create templates and send communications Secure and cost-effective way to send letters, emails and SMS
Office 365 integration - Seamless integration with MS Word to create and define templates Communications can be created and generated with ease and in line with your brand
Office 365 email integration - Drag and drop or import emails. Email and attachments can be merged into a single file Simplified process removes manual tasks and ensures emails are processed quicker
Customer engagement - Send a unique URL via email or SMS to enable citizens and partners to provide information online Ensures information is provided quickly and securely, reducing calls and demand on your services
Auto-indexing - QR codes hold the required indexing information, so documents can be auto-indexed Removes manual tasks and classifications, and speeds up processing times
Online help - Access an online wiki for help with system features and functionality Reduces training requirements and removes user manuals that can become quickly out of date
Simplified Administration - The administration dashboard ensures all tasks can be easily navigated Administration is simplified and modernised, reducing set up times
API - Connect, query and update customer data from third party systems Increases automation and productivity, providing quicker response times
Work allocation - A graphical dashboard to view, manage and allocate workloads via drag and drop Reduce the time taken to find and manually reallocate work
Forms capability - An intuitive, easy to build form designer, replacing call scripts, data forms and online forms Provides more styling and control features, a single form can be used across multiple channels
Workflow - Build and adapt workflows using the low-code workflow toolkit Redefine and transform service delivery with improved automation
Microsoft Booking integration - Integration to the MS Bookings solution provides appointment scheduling and booking functionality within workflows Reduce duplication and administration, and increase productivity
Content store - Store content in a library to reuse in the creation of letters and emails Changing content once to update all associated correspondence increases efficiencies
Export and Import - Supporting the simplified admin, workflows, forms, communications, picklists etc. can be imported and exported Save valuable configuration time, remove duplication and user error.

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