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Civica supports over 400 social housing organisations. But what do our customers really think about Cx?

Cx Housing Management is trusted by social housing providers who have embraced a new way of working in the cloud. Our mission is to connect housing and people, to help you deliver better, responsive services to your residents.


We asked our customers what they LOVE about Cx. This is what they told us:

Ease of use
Infographic: User-friendly even for technophobes like myself
Cx is user friendly. It’s quick and easy to find the information you need and workflow is intuitive.
Infographic: Quick communication and responsiveness to tenants
It’s simplified how we communicate with residents, across multiple channels. Having all information in one place, its quick and easy to respond to tenants and track communication across teams.
Productivity and automation
Infographic: Automates mundane tasks, helping my team focus on their priorities
We work smarter by automating time-consuming manual tasks. Using Cx we’ve improved productivity and we get more done every day.
Infographic: Allow me to work from home
It gives us freedom to work from any location, and still access information. Cx is designed to easily integrate with other platforms and applications using open APIs.
Single view
Infographic: We're not robots on the phone because the information is in one place
We can manage tenants, properties and contractors in one solution. It helps us make informed decisions and be more responsive to our customers.
Infographic: I can see everything about our relationship with customers in one place
Our customer first teams love being able to see a complete picture of tenants and their homes in one place. With Cx, we can deliver a better customer experience, and ultimately happy tenants!

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