Your back-to-school countdown

with Civica Cashless Catering

Don’t risk a disrupted lunch service this September

As one of the UK’s leading cashless catering providers, we know that calls to our helpdesk will always peak when children head back to school in late August and early September.

Keep your queue moving by avoiding common Cashless pitfalls. Our series of short videos and published guides will empower you to:

  • Understand what tasks you need to carry out to prevent issues arising in the first place
  • Self-serve knowledge to deal with issues that do arise
  • Log tickets in the correct way and so avoid the telephone queue.

Join Cashless Support Manager, Vanessa Toon, as she walks you through the end of year procedures step-by-step in our series of short instructional videos. You’ll leave understanding what needs to be carried out to avoid issues on the first day back in September:

You can also log into your Userhub account to download lots more helpful resources via the news section of the Cashless product group.