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Formerly known as Electoral Reform Services (ERS), we began administering ballots for rail and mining unions over 100 years ago and have been at the forefront of trade union balloting ever since. We value our long shared history and enduring relationship with UK trade unions.

We help to conduct secure ballots and elections that comply fully with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 and deliver results that stand up to scrutiny. Certified as an approved independent scrutineer for trade union ballots for over 30 years, the depth and range of our experience is unsurpassed.

Our dedicated team has unrivalled expertise and knowledge of trade union ballots, elections and legislation. We deliver compliant processes for all statutory and non-statutory elections as well as industrial action ballots and we will advise you on best practice throughout.

Uniquely, all our operations are managed and delivered in-house from a single site, assuring the security of your ballot, quick response times and turnaround, as well as significant cost savings. 

We bring experience as well as integrity to your election and balloting processes and we can help you keep pace with legislative changes. 


Why trade unions use Civica Election Services

Independence, impartiality and integrity for your results

Over 100 years of experience

Unrivalled expertise and knowledge

For over 30 years we have been specified as an approved Independent Scrutineer for trade union ballots. We provide expert advice throughout the balloting period and beyond to ensure the result of your ballot is robust and stands up to scrutiny. 

Our services for Trade Unions also include:

  • Returning Officer – For many elections we have been asked to extend our role from that of Independent Scrutineer to also that of Returning Officer.
  • Nomination management – online with CESnominate or by post
  • Flexible voting methods – online voting for non-statutory elections offers your members a faster and easier experience  
  • Online engagement tools – support and promote your election or ballot to maximise turnout
  • Print and mailing services – secure in-house end-to-end services gives you full control of the process, quick response times and turnaround, as well as significant cost savings
  • Customer support team - an experienced team to manage enquiries from your members
  • Assurer Services – Membership Audit Certificate (MAC) to comply with TULRCA requirements and in-depth reporting to help you better understand your membership system and how to enhance it
  • Certified Independent Scrutineer’s report – issued upon completion of your election or ballot.

Unison Greater London

We received prompt communication from Civica Election Services. They made it easy for us to liaise with them and plan our ballot. On the day everything went smoothly - thanks!

Working with trade unions including:

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