Tranman Fleet Management

Helping you improve operational efficiencies, control costs and ensure vehicle compliance.

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Transforming vehicle fleet management efficiency

Organisations all over the world use Tranman fleet management software to manage business-critical vehicle fleets. Tranman has a track record of helping fleet and transport managers reduce costs through improved information management and more efficient data capture.

Customers include 82% of UK police forces, 48% of UK fire and rescue services, 46% of UK ambulance trusts100+ local authority and government agencies, as well as 100+ large organisations in the private sector.

Our 30+ years of experience in delivering fleet management software help you enhance workshop productivity, minimise vehicle downtime for repairs, improve accident and risk management, and improve fuel usage controls.


Why choose Tranman Fleet Management

Proactively manage your fleet, to help it stay safe and legal

Manage the complete vehicle lifecycle from procurement through to disposal

Reduced costs and increased workshop productivity

Commercialising public sector transport operations

Balancing budgets and reinvesting in frontline services

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Transform your fleet operations with Tranman

Civica's Tranman fleet management solution helps you to reduce and control your fleet costs, manage compliance and improve operational efficiency  

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A comprehensive solution for fleet control and management

It's a constant challenge to improve the service quality of your fleet, yet keep costs under control. Our fleet management software, Tranman, which integrates with all vehicle costs systems, can help by managing the complete vehicle lifecycle from procurement, including initial specification, through order tracking and delivery, all the way to disposal.

Tranman’s unique customised dashboards display key vehicle information at a glance, so you can instantly monitor the overall status of your fleet, and drill down to individual vehicle information for more detailed enquiries. The system automatically generates critical date reminders and coloured fields to highlight areas for attention, helping you to ensure each vehicle is fit for purpose, and meet your duty-of-care obligations.

Civica Tranman modules include:

  • Fleet Compliance. The system records, monitors and stores all legal documentation required to meet DVLA directives, to help you meet the conditions of your Operator's licence. You'll have a single view of inspections and services due, along with the legal documents associated with your fleet, to help you ensure all vehicles are roadworthy and give you access to a full audit trail of maintenance documentation. 

  • DVSA Compliance. Simplified reporting for DVSA compliance and earned recognition scheme. In preparation for the earned recognition scheme, you can ensure that your organisation is compliant as all your information is collated in an easy-to-use dashboard. Once you're ready to join the earned recognition scheme, Traman's DVSA compliance module gathers the required performance information and sends to the DVSA on your behalf - saving you hours of work each month.

  • Self-Service Reception. Provides your organisation with a 24/7, self-service booking solution for workshops, enabling customers to quickly book their vehicle in for repair on arrival, as well as recording other vehicle defects. This significantly reduces administration and drives a paperless office. 

  • Daily Vehicle Checks. Utilising mobile technology, your drivers can quickly and simply undertake their daily vehicle check, removing the need for manual processes and paperwork. This sends an instant alert to the workshop manager so they can plan for any defects that need rectifying; ensuring road safety is maximised.

  • Dynamic Alerts. Tranman can send business-critical information directly to your inbox, alerting you to any compliance issues so that you can take action to avoid problems and improve business performance. The alerts are fully automated, which helps to save time as well as improve supplier performance through close monitoring.  

  • Information Management. Supporting you on your organisations' GDPR journey. Streamline the retrieval and disposal of personal data held in your Tranman solution and demonstrate data management best practice.

We can help you evaluate your current business processes and make recommendations for improvements through our Fleet Process Review, which can lead to a comprehensive business case and demonstrable return on investment.

Tranman can be hosted and managed in house by your IT team. If you prefer to focus on managing your fleet, we can provide an end-to-end solution, securely hosting and managing the application for you. A managed solution can help you reduce costs, minimise risk and increase efficiencies.  

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