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Powering a single view of debt to deliver improved services and increase collection rates

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Built on over 35 years sector knowledge and experience, we provide a robust cloud-based recovery and enforcement solution, delivering in-depth insight to improve services and optimise collection rates.

Powering a single view of debt

Our innovative cloud-based enforcement and recovery solutions streamline information management, unifying all civil debt streams associated to the citizen to provide a single view of debt. This intelligence-led approach empowers your organisation to consolidate multiple notices to provide a clear overview of all outstanding debts and avoid causing additional hardship.

Simplifying visit prioritisation and schedule planning

A cloud-based platform, Recovery provides real-time access throughout the life cycle of collection and enforcement, enabling high volumes of cases to be processed effectively to help you maximise productivity. Its powerful workflow engine simplifies visit prioritisation and scheduling, facilitating collaboration between offices, contact centres and field agent teams to work in synchronisation, providing you with accurate and up-to-date insight.

Connecting with citizens via their preferred channels 

A digital self-service portal offers 24/7 multi-channel options, enabling citizens to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere via a connected device. Individuals can set up payment plans or direct debit, helping them pro-actively improve financial planning. 

We help you to optimise recovery and enforcement by streamlining data and workflow management, and providing digital self-service options to deliver improved services.

Our solutions include:



Recovery supports the complete collection process from compliance stage to full enforcement. Integrating with Civica OPENRevenues and other third party systems, we provide you with a quick and easy way to work with high volumes of cases from large number of clients and departments. All cases are automatically profiled based on debt type, reducing administration and delivering time savings for your organisation whilst facilitating consistent data input. 

Our innovative solution empowers your staff to identify and recover debt at the earliest opportunity to maximise collection rates.
With smart wofkflows, you can define a series of actions based on debt type and individual workflows based on work types. Case status can be tracked through the full enforcement and recovery cycle, empowering your staff to identify and recover debt at the earliest opportunity, maximising collection rate and delivering time & cost savings.

Real-time reporting ensures all staff and stakeholders are kept fully informed of all activity, enabling informed decisions to be made on resourcing and process optimisation. 

Recovery Admin

Recovery Admin empowers users to fully customise and optimise system workflows, document production, third party integration, user access and reporting templates. Permission controls ensure that data is fully protected and is only visible to approved users.


AgentVisit provides field agents with a view of case details, anytime, anywhere, via a connected device. Cases can be sorted into various categories and information made instantly available to office staff, ensuring full visibility and enabling more effective communication. 


We understand the importance of ensuring your clients and internal stakeholders are kept up to date with their cases. With this online self-service portal, you can be confident that they will always have with the latest case information available to them. ClientPortal provides your clients with an intuitive portal to access, navigate and update themselves in real-time, without needing to contact your team for updates. Civica ClientPortal can be configured to provide specific editing and updating rights to nominated client contacts as necessary.

Why choose Recovery?

Maximises collection rates

Delivers improved services

Optimises workforce productivity

The City of Cardiff Council transforms the way they work with Recovery

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