Master Data Management for Policing


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For effective Policing you need easy access to a single view of trusted, linked data.

Civica’s cloud-enabled Master Data Management (MDM) software, MultiVue, helps Police Forces and Public Safety organisations to accurately match, merge and master data from multiple sources. It creates a single view of all people (nominals), objects, locations and events, along with managing the network of relationships that exists between these data items. It ensures a complete, accurate and shareable view of data is maintained and available, securely and responsibly, in real-time.

Denis Hamill,

Chief Data Officer for Police Scotland

Master data management is foundational to our ‘Data Drives Digital’ programme which aims to enable the delivery of trusted data to meet Police Scotland’s analytical demands.

Why choose MultiVue?

More effective data management.

Improve public and officer safety and wellbeing.

Enable Policing transformation and insight.

Outcomes from improved data quality and data management

Public safety and wellbeing:

  • Ensure public confidence through improved prevention and detection of crime
  • Make interventions before the point of crisis with real-time data
  • Progress time sensitive cases faster, like missing person investigations
  • Improve responsiveness and decision making by using complete and accurate data.


Officer safety:

  • Provide complete and trusted information for officers to assess situational risks and threat levels
  • Enable timely person-centric analysis to enhance officer responses
  • Easily discover relationships and a household view.


Policing transformation and insight:

  • Inform service design and resource allocation with trusted data
  • Make it easier for the public to engage with the Police by joining-up communications channels
  • Responsibly share data with local groups, the third sector and partner agencies to support communities
  • Avoid delays in realising financial savings from increased operational efficiencies.


Data management:

  • Ensure all operational data is linked to a single person or location record/li>
  • Stay compliant with GDPR, DPA, FOI and record retention
  • Drive efficient data stewardship and security
  • Enter trusted data once and access it easily and securely.

Denis Hamill,

Chief Data Officer for Police Scotland

We’re… working in partnership with Civica to provide well-governed, trusted and high quality data that will better support dynamic decision-making by police officers and staff as they continue to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities in Scotland.

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