Financial Services Complaint Management

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Civica Complaints Management for Financial Services is compliance-ready and designed complaint management software to allow you to meet detailed regulatory requirements and at the same time enhance the customer experience.

In addition to our ‘out of the box’ case management capabilities, Civica Complaints Management can be easily extended to support section 75 disputes, chargebacks, data privacy and remediation case management processes. We support regulatory and legislative requirements across the globe including the UK FCA DISP rules, European complaint handling regulations, US CFPB compliance programs, Australia's RG 271 dispute resolution rules and Canada's consumer protection regime.

Tony Murphy,

Customer Outcomes Manager,

Tesco Bank

Beyond helping us provide a better complaint handling service, we use complaint data to identify opportunities to improve customer propositions

The platform can also easily be deployed to meet the needs of financial companies around the world with Civica supporting organisations across Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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